An unregistered barrister who failed to inform the Bar Standards Board (BSB) that he had been struck off the roll of solicitors has been disbarred.

Azfar Naseem Bajwa, called to the bar by Gray’s Inn in 1996, did not tell the BSB that he had been the subject of disciplinary proceedings by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, culminating in an order that he be struck off.

Bajwa was subsequently disbarred by an independent disciplinary tribunal at a hearing last week, following charges of professional misconduct.

Sara Jagger, BSB director of professional conduct, said: ‘Serious misconduct as a solicitor is incompatible with membership of the bar and the tribunal’s decision to disbar Mr Bajwa reflects this.

‘It also serves as an important reminder that barristers have a duty to report disciplinary action by another regulator, even if they are unregistered barristers.’