Trending news articles on the Gazette this week…

1. Family solicitor banned for backdating eight letters

Tribunal rejects suggestion that 27-year-old was not properly supervised by her firm.

2. Defence solicitor fined £25k over anti-Semitic Facebook ‘hatred’

Solicitor demonstrated a ‘worrying lack of self-discipline and common sense’.

3. Tribunal tells solicitor: it’s sad but we must strike you off

SDT says it must send message to the profession about improper use of client money.

4. Mind your language, SRA warns solicitors

Regulator posts 2,300-word notice on electronic communications after ‘increase in reports of solicitors falling below the standards expected of them’.

5. Fake lawyer jailed for eight years after £92,000 fraud

Michael Cremin’s name appeared on legitimate chambers website, but he was a con man.