Trending news articles on the Gazette this week…

1. Munby cancels 21 divorces handled by fraudster ex-barrister11

Judge identifies discrepancies with both the addresses and signatures on documents.

2. City firm fined record £500k over solicitor’s links with investment schemes

US-headquartered Locke Lord failed to supervise a solicitor who was involved with dubious financial arrangements.

3. Neuberger: Tell judge if you can’t do 9.30am start because of school run

Former Supreme Court president reinforces his opposition to gender quotas as women in law conference.

4. ‘Just say sorry’: clients outline bugbears with complaint handling

Consumers are often infuriated by legal providers’ refusal to acknowledge any mistakes, ombudsman claims. 

5. Directors sanctioned at SDT after firm enters administration

Two solicitors penalised in relation to how they ran their Midlands business.