Trending news articles on the Gazette this week…

1. City lawyer suspended after assault conviction

Tribunal finds Alastair Main acted in breach of two SRA principles during incident at rowing club dinner.

2. Court throws out ‘hopeless’ challenge by struck off solicitor

East London practitioner had been banned for her links with another solicitor struck off more than seven years ago.

3. Fraudster fee-earner banned after ‘audacious’ theft of £569,000

Conveyancer managed to transfer huge amounts in only three months on the job.

4. Fined legal aid solicitor vows to end 44-year career

A long-serving legal aid solicitor has been fined after his firm failed to pay more than £53,000 in disbursements to expert witnesses.

5. Former TV mogul tells SDT of defamation payout

Steven Cosser answers questions about a £500,000 payment to City solicitor for ‘defamation’.