Trending news articles on the Gazette this week…

1. ‘Honest mistake’: dishonesty ruled out over wills gifts to solicitor

Important tests of the Ivey and Wingate approaches in prosecution of Hampshire lawyer.

2. Barrister drank ‘half a bottle of whisky’ before driving home

Case that raises questions about penalties for drink-driving across the legal profession.

3. Listed firm boosts profits as job applicants spurn ‘traditional’ partnerships

Agile working pioneer Keystone exploits ‘commoditised and overcrowded’ sector to lure experienced practitioners.

4. Media lawyer Mark Lewis to face SDT over social media comments

Solicitor vows to defend allegations and says it is a matter of principle to respond ‘robustly’ to racist death threats.

5. PPI has ‘turned portions of UK into fraudsters’ - bank chief

New ‘compensation culture’ row over mis-sold payment protection insurance.