I read the Gazette of 27 May and all I can say to those who may be starting out in the profession is ‘jolly good luck’ when one considers the preceding pages. They report, among other things, that:

  • Lawyers unite to rage against ‘McJustice’;
  • Law’ is ‘yesterday’s business’;
  • Fifty firms fear collapse, while the SRA has overspent by £7m against budget on intervention costs;
  • Law centres struggling ‘just when needed most’;
  • A director at the Legal Services Board believes ‘the existing service offerings fail to meet the needs of the vast majority of small business consumers’; and
  • A solicitor is to be struck off (subject to appeal), after being held incapable of complying with his professional and regulatory obligations.

I also have a cutting from a recent report in The Times, which pictures a dodo below the phrase: ‘Lawyers say SRA policies will endanger many firms.’ It all seemed much less gloomy and much more fun when I started out in 1982.

Rupert Morton-Curtis, partner, Godwins, Winchester