The court was attempting to hear from a solicitor, Iain Farrimond, who is serving time in prison and is now subject to an SRA appeal to have him struck off. However, the video link kept failing.

A move to a different room failed to improve Leveson’s mood, as the same thing kept happening. It was, in the judge’s words, ‘extremely unsatisfactory’. Obiter can picture him grabbing a branch and giving the nearest piece of kit a good thrashing.

Leveson’s struggles had a silver lining for the media. Determined to avoid a repeat, the following day the judge ordered that ‘black cab rapist’ John Worboys appear in person for a hearing on the Parole Board’s decision to release him. Leveson’s intervention gave photographers the chance to snap Worboys as he emerged from a prison van, a picture that featured on many front pages. What this sorry episode augurs for the digital revolution in our courts Obiter would not care to speculate.