A medico-legal expert has been struck off the medical register after he was found to have misrepresented his experience and qualifications.

Titus Oyewole Odedun, a doctor who ran a medico-legal practice, was referred to the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service by insurance law firm Horwich Farrelly. A tribunal found that he had falsely stated his experience and membership of professional bodies in medico-legal reports, in court and on his online profile and CV.

The 'the serious and persistent nature of the dishonesty' meant it was necessary to immediately erase Odedun’s name from the register, the tribunal said.

‘The panel bore in mind that all of Dr Odedun’s actions took place within a legal context… Most seriously Dr Odedun had provided evidence in court under oath,’ the finding said.

Odedun was not present at the hearing, but in a letter he asserted that the way he has referred to himself was not incorrect, and that while he was not on specialist registers this was not a requirement as he worked in private practice. 

But the panel considered that his actions showed a ‘reckless disregard’ of good medical practice, were an ‘abuse’ of his position and trust, and put his own interest before his patients’.

Responding to the ruling, Ronan McCann, fraud partner at insurance firm Horwich Farrelly, which referred the case to the MPTS, said: ‘Medical evidence forms the foundation of any personal injury case, and the expert’s integrity is crucial in assessing the authenticity of these claims. If the medical expert is dishonest in any way how can the courts rely on any of their opinions?’ 

The ruling is open to appeal.