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We are desperately short of guidance from the SRA over this sort of thing. Why can't they set up a "Morality Unit" to deal with the whole range of issues, such as people cheating on their partners (obviously an integrity issue) to people going to dodgy events? The events would range from Derby Day (drinking, gambling and no doubt groping) to "It's a pool party - but forget your cozzie, and just bring a litre of vodka."

Uniformed staff from the SRA at such events would give everyone confidence. I suggest the uniforms be based on the outfits worn by Tubbs and Edward in "The League of Gentlemen." The words "It's a nice profession for nice people," from a Tubbs lookalike would restrain many a putative wandering hand. And, if matters were getting out of control, Edward's "We'll have none of that behaviour here, would put an end to the matter.

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