Christopher William Edwin Greenman

  • Application 11632-2017
  • Admitted 2000
  • Hearing 21, 22 August 2017
  • Reasons 4 September 2017

The Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal ordered that the respondent should be struck off the roll.

The respondent had dishonestly made a claim for costs for work done in relation to the estate of a client which he knew, or should have known, to be excessive, in breach of rules 1.02, 1.04, 1.05 and 1.06 of the Solicitors Code of Conduct 2007, and principles 2, 5 and 6 of the SRA Principles 2011.

The respondent had dishonestly misappropriated client monies in the total sum of £90,000 belonging to the estate of the same client, in breach of rules 1.02 and 1.06 of the code and rule 22(1) of the Solicitors Accounts Rules 1998, and principles 2 and 6, and rule 20.1 of the SRA Accounts Rules 2011.

The respondent’s conduct had been motivated by his own personal self-interest and financial gain. His actions were clearly planned and were in breach of the considerable trust that had been placed in him by his clients. He had taken advantage of the fact that the residuary beneficiary was not a family member but a charity that would be grateful for whatever bequest it received.

Depriving a charity of monies that had been bequeathed to it was disgraceful; misconduct did not get much worse than that. The respondent’s conduct was aggravated by his proven dishonesty.

It was clear that the respondent had no insight into his misconduct, having described the proceedings against him as ‘frivolous’; on the contrary, his misconduct was of the utmost gravity.

The protection of the public and the protection of the reputation of the profession required that he be struck off the roll.

The respondent was ordered to pay costs of £10,000.