• Application 11577-2016

• Admitted 1991

• Hearing 7 February 2017

• Reasons 15 February 2017

The SDT ordered that the conditions imposed by the tribunal on 25 June 2012 upon the applicant should be removed as of 7 February 2017.

The conditions provided that the applicant might not practise as a sole practitioner, partner of a recognised body, member of a limited liability partnership, legal disciplinary practice or alternative business structure; nor might he handle client money or become a signatory to any client or office account.

The SDT was impressed by the financial responsibility and commitment which the applicant had shown in clearing the debts of his former practice which had all fallen to him because of the bankruptcy of his former partner, and his determination to clear all those debts from his personal resources.

The applicant had been very open about the health problems from which he had suffered and the medical evidence showed how he had successfully addressed them.

He might have the opportunity for considerable career progression with all the benefits that would bring, if the restrictions were removed in their entirety. However, the fortunes of an individual member of the profession had to give way to ensuring the protection of the public and protecting the reputation of the legal profession from future harm.

The SDT did not consider, based on all the evidence, that there would be any future risk to the public or to the reputation of the legal profession if it removed the restrictions placed upon the applicant almost five years earlier.

The applicant was ordered to pay costs of £1,400.