Rachel rothwell

More pieces needed to fit fixed costs jigsaw

8 April 2019By

Fixed recoverable costs extension is not the final puzzle piece in costs reform.

Rachel rothwell

Damage limitation in personal injury

18 March 2019By

Personal injury firms are struggling to stay in business.


Litigators must tread carefully on shifting sands

11 February 2019By

Civil litigators will need to be resourceful as developments in 2019 herald fresh uncertainty.

Rachel Rothwell landscape

Heavy-hitters take AIM at litigation

14 January 2019By

Litigation funders target London market as cash piles up for investment in disputes.


NHS must be helped to learn from its mistakes

10 December 2018By

Health professionals need more resources to cut the number of errors that result in negligence claims.

Rachel Rothwell landscape

Picking over the proportionality rule

12 November 2018By

The case of Reynolds v One Stop Stores Ltd has added flesh to the bare bones of the proportionality rule, but there is still a long way to go.

London stock exchange

Litigation funders, out and proud

8 October 2018By

Vannin’s stock market float is further evidence of a booming third-party funding sector.

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