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Criminal defence

News focus: Making criminal defence pay

21 January 2019By

The government is reviewing criminal legal aid fees but does it fully grasp the predicament of embattled practitioners? And how does it stop juniors fleeing an impoverished sector for City riches?

Royal Courts of Justice

‘Seize the nettle now on capped costs’, says judge

21 January 2019By

High Court has restricted an appellant’s costs in a case heading to the Supreme Court.

50 pound notes official social money

Big spending solicitors still failing to meet costs budgets

17 January 2019By

Survey of specialists finds many clients go over budget - but there are reasons for optimism.

Members of Leigh Day arrive at the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal

SRA pays Leigh Day £1m to cover costs of failed appeal

16 January 2019By

Joint statement marks end to disciplinary proceedings over Iraq claims - but not to the controversy.

High court

Court caps appeal costs to keep 'some semblance of reasonableness'

16 January 2019By

Judge says it was ‘deeply alarming’ to discover that appellant planned to spend £1.24m on a day and a half in court.

Mr Justice Foskett

Insurer on the hook for costs in negligence claim over 'Mafia' development

14 January 2019By

Sitting in the High Court, Mr Justice Foskett exercised the court’s discretion to award non-party costs in ‘exceptional circumstances’.


Court relaxes costs rule for PI claim heading towards multi-track

14 January 2019By

Judge says parties had signed consent order that would result in costs assessed on standard basis.

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