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Attempted murder conviction merits a strike-off, High Court rules

22 February 2018By

Tribunal decision to impose an indefinite suspension on former senior Crown prosecutor is overturned.




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Law firms are keen to trumpet the use of AI, but the views of clients are less well aired. The latest Gazette roundtable gave corporate counsel a chance to discuss their agenda. Joanna Goodman reports

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20 February 2018

The appeal of an extradition order was successful on the grounds that it would be oppressive to extradite him.

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BOOK REVIEW: Family lifeline

12 February 2018By Tony Roe

It has been a while since family lawyers had this kind of publication to hand. The one I remember was published so long ago that CD-ROMs, like the one accompanying this book, had probably not even been invented.

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BOOK REVIEW: Teaching the fundamentals

12 February 2018By Tom Garbett

Raymond Wacks

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5 February 2018By Aidan Shipman

Aidan Shipman reviews Leslie P. Francis and John G. Francis’sPrivacy: What Everyone Needs to Know.

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