• Army1

    Battle lines

    22 July 2019

    When a promising military career is cut short by injury, fighting for compensation to rebuild your life can be a process fraught with obstacles. Rachel Rothwell speaks to the solicitors who act for service personnel

  • Avon Bristol Law Centre

    Picking up the pieces

    10 June 2019

    Cash-strapped law centres are tottering under the growing burden of unmet legal need. Could lawyers do more to help? Eduardo Reyes reports

  • Grania Langdon-Down

    Costs office ‘not a sausage-making machine’

    3 December 2018

    Master Peter Haworth hopes e-bills will be introduced to lessen the workload of the Senior Courts Costs Office, but this won’t be any time soon. 

  • Pound people crowdfunding

    Strength in numbers

    23 July 2018

    Crowdfunding is a rapidly expanding method of sourcing legal challenges. But is the cash wasted on claims that have no merit and are donors unwittingly exposing themselves to financial risk?

  • Vw diesel

    Money machine

    25 June 2018

    With cash pouring into third-party funding, law firms are well-placed to enter the market and provide capital at lower rates. But they need to take heed of the risks.

  • Michael Tyler

    How to avoid a proportionality reduction

    21 May 2018

    Practice point: costs

  • Leedshospital

    Budana’s lesson: check the paperwork

    19 February 2018

    Colin Campbell discusses the lesson to be learned from Budana v The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust [2017] 6 costs LR 113.

  • Lloyds tesco rbs

    Litigation funding poised to go global

    29 January 2018

    New and innovative products are establishing third-party funding as a staple of the UK claims market – other jurisdictions will follow

  • Denis O'Brien

    Out of step on third-party funding

    22 January 2018

    Third-party litigation funding remains illegal in Ireland.

  • david anderson

    Going Dutch


    The Netherlands has published draft rules for its new English language commercial court, which will seek to exploit Brexit by targeting international dispute resolution.