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Cybersecurity roundtable

Roundtable: cybersecurity

13 February 2017By Joanna Goodman

As fears of cybercrime and data theft proliferate, how can law firms protect themselves against the scammers?

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My legal life: Richard Doolan

20 February 2017

Legal prosecution manager, Crown Prosecution Service, London

Shlomit glaser

My legal life: Shlomit Glaser

20 February 2017

Co-founder and principal, Glaser Jones Law, London

Helen Roberts

My legal life: Helen Roberts

13 February 2017

Speakeasy Advice Centre, Cardiff

Dawn alderson

My legal life: Dawn Alderson

6 February 2017

Head of French law and property, Russell-Cooke, London

Rachim singh

My legal life: Rachim Singh

30 January 2017

Director at Petherbridge Bassra Solicitors, Bradford; and recorder

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Jacqueline mc guigan

Plumber wins landmark ‘gig economy’ case

20 February 2017By

Jacqueline McGuigan represented Gary Smith, who wanted to reduce his working days at Pimlico Plumbers following a heart attack.

Rodger Burnett

Sued Network Rail over Japanese knotweed

13 February 2017By

Rodger Burnett represented Robin Waistell who successfully sued Network Rail.

Debaleena dasgupta

Solicitor in bias battle over toy guns

6 February 2017By

Debaleena Dasgupta represented young brothers as local education authority admitted discrimination.

Paulley fry

Victory for wheelchair user on bus access

30 January 2017By

Chris Fry represented a wheelchair user who was unable to board a FirstGroup bus.

Yasmin aslam

Record extradition battle reaches Europe

23 January 2017By

Yasmin Aslam is representing Phillip Harkins, who is wanted in Florida for murder during an attempted robbery in 1999.

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