Legal updates

Masood ahmed cut copy

ADR dialogue and costs

15 October 2018By Masood Ahmed

Dispute resolution

Louise freeman

Multilateral interchange fees

15 October 2018By Louise Freeman, Elaine Whiteford

Competition law

Sarah Chilton

Iniquity and the cloak of privilege

8 October 2018By Sarah Chilton, Beth Hale

Tribunal rules on scope of legal privilege.

Suzanne gill

The cost of failing to calculate a rent review

1 October 2018By Suzanne Gill

Court of Appeal judgment in Trillium (Prime) Property GP Limited v Elmfield Road Limited [HC] 2018 335.

Eoin o shea

SFO v ENRC in the Court of Appeal

24 September 2018By Eoin O’Shea, David Pievsky

On 5 September the Court of Appeal handed down an important judgment on both legal advice privilege and litigation privilege. We will summarise the background to the case, the approach of the first instance judge, the contrasting approach of the Court of Appeal, and finally offer some thoughts about where ...

Polly sweeney

Disability and the Equality Act

17 September 2018By Polly Sweeney, Steve Broach

School exclusions and human rights.

Nicholas dobson 2016

Independent persons and the FOIA

17 September 2018By Nicholas Dobson

Local government.

Davidsmellie qc

Safeguarding – legislation and regulation

3 September 2018By David Smellie

Child protection.

Masood ahmed cut copy

UN mediation convention

3 September 2018

Alternative dispute resolution.

Malcolm johnson

‘Same-roof’ rule in criminal injuries compensation

6 August 2018By Malcolm Johnson

Personal injury.

Lesley king cut1

Business property relief

6 August 2018By Professor Lesley King

Wills and probate

Laura Devine

Brexit white paper

30 July 2018By Laura Devine

Legal update: immigration law

Patricia londono

Cliff Richard vs the BBC

23 July 2018By Patricia Londono

Media and privacy.

Masood ahmed cut copy

Assessing the adjudication pilot

16 July 2018By Masood Ahmed

Professional negligence.

Ffion greenfield

Cryptocurrencies in divorce settlements

9 July 2018By Ffion Greenfield

Family law.

Nicholas Dobson

Duty of candour

2 July 2018By Nicholas Dobson

Local government.

Beth Hale

Pimlico's legacy for self-employed contractors

25 June 2018By Beth Hale


Profile anthony edwards

Specimens, sentencing, terrorism, enforcement

18 June 2018By Anthony Edwards


Masood Ahmed

Enforcement of arbitral awards

11 June 2018By Masood Ahmed

Civil procedure

David Smellie

Protecting the vulnerable

4 June 2018By David Smellie, Jane Foster

Safeguarding is the action that is taken to promote the welfare of children or adults at risk and protect them from harm.

Ibrahim hasan

GDPR and those emails

4 June 2018By Ibrahim Hasan

Freedom of information

Suzanne Gill

Boilerplate clauses and implied terms

21 May 2018By Suzanne Gill

Legal update: commercial property

Andrew Newbury

Interim orders for sale

14 May 2018By Andrew Newbury

Family law

Trevor Ward

What now for the discount rate?

7 May 2018By Trevor Ward

Legal update: personal injury

Nicholas Dobson

Lawfulness of fracking works

30 April 2018By Nicholas Dobson

Legal update: local government

Masood ahmed cut copy

QOCS transitional provisions

23 April 2018By Masood Ahmed

Important questions concerning the interpretation and application of the provisions under the qualified one-way costs shifting (QOCS) regime (CPR 44.130-44.17) came before the Court of Appeal in Jacob Corstorphine v Liverpool City Council [2018] EWCA Civ 270 (Sir Geoffrey Vos PQBD and Hamblen LJ).

Abdel Hakim Belhaj

Waiving privilege and ‘cherry picking’

16 April 2018

Legal update: professional privilege.

Salisbury poisoning

A changing sanctions regime

9 April 2018By Christopher David

Does the UK need its own version of the Magnitsky Act?

Andrew Newbury, Hall Brown

Financial remedy work

26 March 2018By Andrew Newbury

Legal update: family law

Masood Ahmed

Disclosure and litigation privilege

19 March 2018By Masood Ahmed

legal update: civil procedure.

Anthony Edwards

Criminal law round-up

12 March 2018By Anthony Edwards

A round up of criminal justice elements with Anthony Edwards.

Dobson cut

General power of competence

5 March 2018By Nicholas Dobson

Nicholas Dobson says for local authorities that previously had seen their functional creativity significantly curtailed, the GPC in the Localism Act 2011 promised a brave new world.

Malcolm Johnson

Common law duty of care

26 February 2018By Malcolm Johnson

Personal injury, BLC claims.

Masood Ahmed

E-disclosure and party agreement

19 February 2018By Masood Ahmed

The disclosure of relevant documents during the litigation process has been a longstanding and distinctive feature of English civil procedure. However, standard disclosure under the Civil Procedure Rules does not give rise to ‘perfect justice’.


Hair strand testing in care proceedings

12 February 2018By Gideon Habel

The case H (A Child: Hair Strand Testing) 2017 EWFC 64 concerned care proceedings to determine whether H, an eight-month-old removed at birth and then returned to the mother under supervision, should remain in her mother’s care, given a history of drug abuse and the presentation of a positive drug ...

Welsh Assembly

Emerging law and procedure in Wales

5 February 2018By Richard Owen

Update on the latest legislative developments in Wales.


Applying for relief against forfeiture

29 January 2018By Lesley King, Rosemary Ioannou

Macmillan Cancer Support v Hayes [2017] EWHC 3110 (Ch)


EU treaty breaches and national courts

22 January 2018By Elaine Whiteford, Louise Freeman

Undertakings investigated by the European Commission that offer commitments, while avoiding a formal finding of infringement binding on the national court, may not prevent those who consider themselves harmed by the conduct from bringing actions for damages.

Nicholas Dobson

Planning consent contrary to advice

22 January 2018By Nicholas Dobson

What legal duty does a local planning authority have to state reasons behind a decision, against the advice of its own professional advisers, to grant a controversial development?

Laura Devine

Future status of EU citizens and families

15 January 2018By Laura Devine

On 8 December 2017 the European Commission and UK government issued a Joint Report on the progress of article 50 talks to date. A week later the stage was set to proceed.


Privacy and disclosure

15 January 2018By Melanie Carter, Claire Whittle

Two recent cases at the Court of Appeal considered the application of article 8 to Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks.

Masood ahmed cut copy

Pre-action disclosure of insurance policies

8 January 2018By Masood Ahmed

Peel Port Shareholder Finance Company Ltd v Dornoch Ltd [2017] EWHC 876 (TCC) serves as a reminder of the court’s approach to the rules on pre-action disclosure and the Third Parties (Rights against Insurers) Act 2010 (the 2010 act).

Baxter cut

Employment: Is the gig finally up for Uber?

4 December 2017By Karen Baxter

The ride-hailing business has been doing battle in the UK employment tribunals – and it has not fared well.

Nicholas dobson 2016

Councillor disqualification

30 November 2017By Nicholas Dobson

The government is considering the disqualification criteria for councillors and mayors – and practitioner feedback is welcome

Rk web people georgina squire 011

Litigation – 2017 in review

27 November 2017By Georgina Squire

BPE Solicitors v Hughes-Holland [2017] UKSC 21, a solicitors’ negligence claim, was the Supreme Court’s first opportunity to review the 20-year-old House of Lords SAAMCO principle, which underpins the calculation of loss in professional negligence claims. The court reaffirmed the SAAMCO judgment, referred to by Lord Sumption as ‘one of ...

Profile anthony edwards

Criminal: General defences

27 November 2017By Anthony Edwards

In R v Riddell [2017] EWCA Crim 413 the court confirmed that self-defence can potentially be a defence to allegations of both dangerous and careless driving.

Suzanne gill

Commercial property: Restrictive covenants

20 November 2017By Suzanne Gill

There are few cases so iconic that lawyers remember the names long after university or law school. One is Tulk v Moxhay [1848], the case on the restrictive covenants which have prevented building on Leicester Square. The date of that case demonstrates that well-drafted restrictive covenants on land are an ...

Ibrahim hasan

Data protection: Preparing for GDPR

13 November 2017By Ibrahim Hasan

No excuses for confusion on day one of the new regime.

david anderson

Going Dutch

10 November 2017By David Anderson

The Netherlands has published draft rules for its new English language commercial court, which will seek to exploit Brexit by targeting international dispute resolution.

Saimo chahal

Assisted dying: A right to autonomy and dignity

6 November 2017By Saimo Chahal

Stage is set for the next round of assisted dying litigation.

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