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Bodichon: founder of the women’s movement?

8 July 2019

In a year which celebrates the centennial of women’s formal entry into the legal profession of England and Wales, we must not forget the brave and inspirational women who found ways to shape law and its operations long before their sex was admitted.

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Blog: Mother in Law


Diary of a busy practitioner, juggling work and family somewhere in England. This week: tackling tiredness.

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We must do more to prevent women being ‘lost to the law’

2019-07-17T11:47:00+01:00By Linden Thomas

Many more women than men quit their legal careers before they are able to reach their full potential.

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Legislation alone is not enough to achieve equality

2019-07-15T14:06:00+01:00By Harriette Chiggai

Social and cultural beliefs, such as those seen in Kenya, continue to restrict women’s rights and freedoms across the world.

Hanim Hamzah

Working on the international women in law report

2019-07-12T09:26:00+01:00By Hanim Hamzah

Report advocates initiatives such as public awareness campaigns, engaging male champions for change and legislative reform.


Blog: Mother in Law


Diary of a busy practitioner, juggling work and family somewhere in England. This week: trying to be kind.

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Therese Pritchard

At the double

24 June 2019By

A news report and a clandestine coffee in Berlin created a transatlantic firm with a billion-dollar turnover, led by two women co-chairs. Eduardo Reyes talks to Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner’s Therese Pritchard and Lisa Mayhew

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Royston cartoon

How to: use gender-neutral language

17 June 2019By Melanie Newman

By writing ‘Dear Sirs’, some lawyers feel they are holding out against political correctness. But the battle against gender-neutral language is surely a losing cause, reports Melanie Newman

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