Construction: Adjudication – unilateral withdrawal

23 October 2017By Masood Ahmed

Can the referring party withdraw a dispute from adjudication and subsequently refer the same dispute to a second adjudication?

Mr Justice Foskett

Property: Clarity needed for process for obtaining writs of possession

12 October 2017By Sam Phillips

Partridge has reduced the confusion surrounding rules in relation to obtaining wits, but these are small steps.

House keys copy

Residential property: Don't write off leasehold just yet

18 September 2017By Russell Hewitson

As public concern mounts, leasehold must evolve if it is to survive.

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Emily Lui

Goodwill agreements: appealing in principle but unworkable in reality

14 November 2017By Emily Lui

Government could face financial backlash if proposed principle is too binding in practice.


​Flexible hours can’t always work

13 November 2017By Dr Julian Critchlow

Proposals to increase the diversity of the profession are sometimes incompatible with the day-to-day realities of legal practice

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