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Residential property: Don't write off leasehold just yet

18 September 2017By Russell Hewitson

As public concern mounts, leasehold must evolve if it is to survive.

Conveyancing roundtable

Conveyancing: Home truths

11 September 2017By

Conveyancers are generally upbeat, though pressure on fees, demanding clients and cyber fraud all present urgent challenges. The Gazette’s latest roundtable.

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A historic first for Wales

17 July 2017By Marshall Phillips

How the country’s first housing act is changing the law.

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We know how to behave

18 September 2017By Keith Lewin

Regulator’s guidance to solicitors on how to communicate properly is otiose since most professionals know how to conduct themselves.


End this blame game

18 September 2017By Richard Phillips

No-fault divorce should not devalue divorces with blame.

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