Matrimonial toolkit

BOOK REVIEW: Family lifeline

12 February 2018By Tony Roe

It has been a while since family lawyers had this kind of publication to hand. The one I remember was published so long ago that CD-ROMs, like the one accompanying this book, had probably not even been invented.

Understanding jurisprudence

BOOK REVIEW: Teaching the fundamentals

12 February 2018By Tom Garbett

Raymond Wacks

Credit report

BOOK REVIEW: Privacy: What Everyone Needs to Know

5 February 2018By Aidan Shipman

Aidan Shipman reviews Leslie P. Francis and John G. Francis’sPrivacy: What Everyone Needs to Know.

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5 February 2018By David Pickup

David Pickup reviews EJ Henry’s The Lawyer


BOOK REVIEW: Best defence

22 January 2018By Matthew Hardcastle

The 4th edition of Anthony Edwards and Roger Ede’s Criminal Defence ’should be a key text for all criminal defence firms.’

The Will, Jane Mann

BOOK REVIEW: Inheritance acts

22 January 2018By Katharine Riley

Jane Mann’s The Will is a legally accurate representation of a family dispute, according to Katharine Riley.

Armed men

BOOK REVIEW: Arms and the mandate

22 January 2018By Adrian Lower

Adrian Lower reviews Katharine Fortin’s The Accountability of Armed Groups under Human Rights Law.

Radovan Karadzic

BOOK REVIEW: Conflicts of interest

15 January 2018By Kate Gibson

Justice For All and How to Achieve It: citizens, lawyers and the law in the age of human rights.

Clarity for Lawyers

BOOK REVIEW: Say what you mean

15 January 2018By David Pickup

Clarity for Lawyers: Effective Legal Language (3rd edition)


BOOK REVIEW: Calling the shots

8 January 2018By Nicholas Goodman

The Internationalists: And Their Plan to Outlaw War

David Pickup

BOOK REVIEW: Picks of the year

4 December 2017By David Pickup

Solicitor and regular reviewer David Pickup lists his favourite reads of 2017:

Savage poodle

BOOK REVIEW: The Savage Poodle

4 December 2017By David Pickup


Data lock computer

BOOK REVIEW: ​Data minefield

27 November 2017By Philip Giles

EU General Data Protection Regulation (A Guide to the New Law)

Empires and anarchies

BOOK REVIEW: ​Oil and trouble

27 November 2017By Tom Garbett

Empires and Anarchies: A History of Oil in the Middle East

Sunni shia landscape

BOOK REVIEW: ​A Concise History of Sunnis & Shi‘is

13 November 2017By Nicholas Goodman

John McHugo


BOOK REVIEW: ​In Search of Nice Americans

13 November 2017By Tom Garbett

Geoff Steward


BOOK REVIEW: ​Leading Professionals: Power, Politics, and Prima Donnas

6 November 2017By Sue Bramall

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