What’s in a name?

22 February 2019By David Pickup

Change of Name: The Law and Practice (4th edition) | By Nasreen Pearce


The Swedey take on the Met

18 February 2019By Tom Garbett

Operation Countryman: The Flawed Enquiry into London Police Corruption | By Dick Kirby

Mancini index

When familial bonds reach breaking point

18 February 2019By Nicholas Goodman

In the Blood | By Ruth Mancini

Lord denning

Taking infinite pains

11 February 2019By Tom Garbett

How Judges Decide Cases: Reading, Writing and Analysing Judgments | By Andrew Goodman

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How to conduct an orderly departure

8 February 2019By David Pickup

Exit Strategies Toolkit | By Tracey Calvert and Helen Carr

The sweeney

Careful George, he’s tooled up

4 February 2019By David Pickup

Scotland Yard’s Gangbuster: Bert Wickstead’s Most Celebrated Cases | By Dick Kirby


Chambers of horrors

4 February 2019By Nicholas Goodman

The Negligents | By Kate Smith

The handbook of the law of visiting forces index

A regime for regime change

4 February 2019By Christopher Stanley

The Handbook of the Law of Visiting Forces (2nd edition) | By Dieter Fleck


Book review: Use of Force in International Law

11 January 2019By David Pickup

The Use of Force in International Law: A Case-Based Approach | Edited by Tom Ruys, Olivier Corten and Alexandra Hofer


Chapter and verve: the best reads of 2018

17 December 2018By David Pickup

An indispensable guide on how to write clearly; useful lessons for aspiring solicitors; and a fascinating account of the murder of a George Bernard Shaw devotee. David Pickup chooses his best books of 2018.

Pudong, Shanghai

Rise and fall

12 December 2018By

End of an Era: How China’s Authoritarian Revival is Undermining Its Rise | By Carl Minzner

Road to recovery

Life after a breakdown

10 December 2018By

This Too Will Pass | By Richard Martin

Red Tape

A new front in the war against legislative overload

10 December 2018By David Pickup

Red Tape: Managing Excess in Law, Regulation and the Courts | Robin Ellison

artificial intelligence brain

Rules for robots

7 December 2018By

Robot Rules: regulating artificial intelligence, by Jacob Turner


Sting in the tale

5 November 2018By Azeam Akram

To Trust or Not To Trust | By Manny and Brigitta Davidson


Minority report

5 November 2018By David Pickup

Dissenting Judgments in the Law | Edited by Neal Geach and Christopher Monaghan

A victorian tragedy

A Victorian Tragedy: The Extraordinary case of Banks v Goodfellow

15 October 2018By David Pickup, Azeam Akram

By Martyn Frost


Silent witnesses

15 October 2018By Nicholas Goodman

All that remains: A life in death | By Sue Black

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Book review: Family Law

8 October 2018By Kathryn Evans

Edited by Ruth Lamont

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