Pray tell: comprehensive guidance on church law

10 April 2019By David Pickup

Ecclesiastical Law | Mark Hill QC

House of lords

Adding to the armoury

8 April 2019By Charles Hollander QC

Disclosure of Information: Norwich Pharmacal and Related Principles (2nd edition) | Simon Bushell and Gary Milner-Moore


A global perspective

8 April 2019By Raj Joshi

International Law in Domestic Courts. A Casebook | André Nollkaemper, August Reinisch, Ralph Janik and Florentina Simlinger

Knife murder

Murder most foul

8 April 2019By Tom Garbett

Slaughter | James Stewart

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Navigating the public law maze

8 April 2019By James Hurford

Constitutional Law, Administrative Law and Human Rights (8th edition) | Ian Loveland

Mary ziegler

How Roe v Wade fuelled the debate on privacy

5 April 2019By David Pickup

Beyond Abortion: Roe v. Wade and the Battle for Privacy | Mary Ziegler


How the Kaiser escaped the hangman’s noose

29 March 2019By

The Trial of the Kaiser By William A. Schabas

Women business mountain

Getting to the top

11 March 2019By Dr Judith Bourne

Women and Leadership | Deborah L. Rhode

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Pulp melodrama and parish newsletter

11 March 2019By Tom Garbett

Wheel of Fortune | Richard Wrenn

Tight rope businessman

Ethical dilemmas in-house

4 March 2019By Anthony Kenny, Richard Hanney

In-House Lawyers’ Ethics: Institutional Logics, Legal Risk and the Tournament of Influence

Ben allen (rufus) and jonathan hyde (beau) by marc brenner

Theatre review: Gently down the stream

28 February 2019By

Martin Sherman’s treatment of the lives and persecution of gay men, and the winning of equal rights, is an impressive piece of theatre.


What’s in a name?

22 February 2019By David Pickup

Change of Name: The Law and Practice (4th edition) | By Nasreen Pearce

Mancini index

When familial bonds reach breaking point

18 February 2019By Nicholas Goodman

In the Blood | By Ruth Mancini


The Swedey take on the Met

18 February 2019By Tom Garbett

Operation Countryman: The Flawed Enquiry into London Police Corruption | By Dick Kirby

Lord denning

Taking infinite pains

11 February 2019By Tom Garbett

How Judges Decide Cases: Reading, Writing and Analysing Judgments | By Andrew Goodman

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How to conduct an orderly departure

8 February 2019By David Pickup

Exit Strategies Toolkit | By Tracey Calvert and Helen Carr

The handbook of the law of visiting forces index

A regime for regime change

4 February 2019By Christopher Stanley

The Handbook of the Law of Visiting Forces (2nd edition) | By Dieter Fleck


Chambers of horrors

4 February 2019By Nicholas Goodman

The Negligents | By Kate Smith

The sweeney

Careful George, he’s tooled up

4 February 2019By David Pickup

Scotland Yard’s Gangbuster: Bert Wickstead’s Most Celebrated Cases | By Dick Kirby

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