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John halford

These Article 50 judgments entrench sovereignty

10 December 2018By John Halford

Judgments from the Inner House and the CJEU reaffirm constitution fundamentals.

Lucy Frazer

'We will work with you': government's essential criminal legal aid review

10 December 2018By Lucy Frazer QC MP

Government will look for close cooperation with the criminal defence profession in the new year, says justice minister Lucy Frazer QC.

Gilets jaunes

Justice for the just-managing: a warning

10 December 2018By

There is a dangerous tale of two countries emerging in our justice system, a story we are seeing played out across the world.

amy clowrey

Failing to protect children from abuse

10 December 2018By Amy Clowrey

Solicitors await clarification on liability for child protection.


NHS must be helped to learn from its mistakes

10 December 2018By

Health professionals need more resources to cut the number of errors that result in negligence claims.

Eduardo Reyes coutout

A light that still shines

10 December 2018By

During a time in which we are increasingly warned that human rights are eroding, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights remains resilient.

Rupert Bowers QC

Advice from the Attorney General does not attract privilege

7 December 2018By Rupert Bowers, Margherita Cornaglia

The government was wrong to state that the disclosed Brexit deal advice was cloaked with legal privilege.

Max Walters 2018

Judiciary dragging its feet over McKenzies

7 December 2018By

Long-awaited reform must be implemented soon to avoid more horror stories.

Vidisha joshi

Selling up to staff can solve succession issues

6 December 2018By Vidisha Joshi

At HJA we concluded that an Employee Ownership Trust structure offers a secure and stable future for law firms.

Gunnar Beck

ECJ - an imperial, not an impartial, court

6 December 2018By Dr Gunnar Beck

The proposed withdrawal agreement would subject the UK to a court which can never be an impartial arbiter in legal disputes involving the EU’s own interests.

David Rundle

First 100 days with the new SFO director

4 December 2018By David Rundle

Lisa Osofsky has already recognised the need to speed up charging decisions, as well as indicating a pragmatism towards corporate investigations.

John Hyde byline

Why is judicial misconduct so cloaked in secrecy?

4 December 2018By

We find out every detail of solicitors’ misdeeds. We’re not even told what judges have done wrong.

Jonathan Goldsmith

What the UN has to say about the role of bars

3 December 2018By

The United Nations has published a report that will help set universal standards for bars across the globe.

Christina Blacklaws

Working towards equality for all

3 December 2018By Christina Blacklaws

How the Law Society is championing career progression for women.

Joshua Rozenberg

Passing the buck on care cases

3 December 2018By Joshua Rozenberg

Social workers must do more to keep care cases out of court to ease the pressure on lawyers and judges.

Paul rogerson

Continental drift

3 December 2018By

No matter how hard we try, we cannot ignore the fact that even City lawyers have no cause to sit comfortably as Brexit looms.

Mc landscape

Hacked off with the courts

30 November 2018By

The High Court is correct to throw out a judicial review of the government’s decision on the Leveson inquiry.

Kamena Dorling

Upholding children’s rights post-Brexit

30 November 2018By Kamena Dorling

MPs and peers are concerned that exiting the EU will see us ‘go backwards’ on children’s rights.

Jonathan Goldsmith

More no-deal Brexit advice for lawyers

28 November 2018By

Solicitors may find the government’s latest list of no-deal notices useful to help prepare for the ever-approaching, yet continually uncertain, Brexit outcome.

Sohrab Daneshku

Witness statements – rip them up and start again?

27 November 2018By Sohrab Daneshku

There needs to remain an element of evidence in writing, but this must be closely monitored in terms of both length and relevant content.

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