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Tony roe

Mills v Mills does not kill off spousal periodical payments

18 July 2018By Tony Roe

The Supreme Court judgment will garner much attention - but we should be wary of giving wider significance.

Penelope Gibbs

The demise of local justice

17 July 2018By Penelope Gibbs

How court closures are hitting rural Suffolk.

Jonathan Goldsmith

The Brexit white paper and the role of the CJEU

17 July 2018By

Examining the impact of the white paper on the role of the Court of Justice of the European Union.

Joshua Rozenberg

Filling the judicial void

16 July 2018By Joshua Rozenberg

The cost of doing nothing to resolve the judicial recruitment crisis is immeasurable. David Gauke must act

Paul rogerson

New tribunal is a banker

16 July 2018By

I attended the launch of a report calling for the establishment of a financial services tribunal to provide redress for SMEs ill-treated by their banks.

Laurence lieberman

2020 Vision: The Judiciary's Tech Message

13 July 2018By Laurence Lieberman

We are at a pivotal moment where the Courts and Tribunals, particularly the County Court, are under immense strain due to lack of resources.

Legal aid blog

Legal aid u-turn is welcome - but there is more to do

13 July 2018By Ilona Pinter

At the Children’s Society we are determined that no child will be left in legal limbo.

Michael Cross byline

Supreme Courts should not be supreme

13 July 2018By Michael Cross in New York

The brouhaha over president Trump’s nominee is a reminder of the perils of judicial supremacy.

Eduardo Reyes coutout

We are right to place high expectations on elite firms

11 July 2018By

Many of our most famous law firms are keen to do well in the employer Social Mobility Index, and this is a good thing.

Des Collins

Time to uncover the cover-up

10 July 2018By Des Collins

It was in early 2017 that the contaminated blood scandal first found its way onto our desks, and what we came to learn was truly shocking.

Nadesh Karu

Prosecuting victims of human trafficking: the sad reality

10 July 2018By Nadesh Karu, Klara Skrivankova

In the criminal justice system there is a particular tension where the defendant may be a victim of human trafficking.

Jonathan Goldsmith

Chequers summit and lawyers

9 July 2018By

The long-term outlook in the EU for legal services post-Brexit is grim indeed.

Rachel Rothwell landscape

Jackson skittles MoJ on damages deals

9 July 2018By

Costs reform architect eloquently demolishes government arguments for ‘caution’ on damages-based agreements.

Paul rogerson

Services not included

9 July 2018By

Theresa May was preparing to convene her warring cabinet at Chequers for crucial talks on a final Brexit strategy as the Gazette went to press.

Sue James, Hammersmith and Fulham Law Centre

Law centre judicial review – from the inside out

6 July 2018By Sue James

Changes to the government's legal aid housing duty scheme would have hit us hard - so we decided to fight back.

Victoria Butler-Cole

Misleading advice on advance care planning risks the ‘professionalisation’ of death

5 July 2018By Victoria Butler-Cole

In recent years much-needed attention has been drawn to the importance of people recording their wishes for future medical care in the event that they lose the ability to make decisions for themselves.

Jonathan Goldsmith

Poland, Ireland and the EAW

4 July 2018By

The fate of judges in Ireland and Poland is becoming entwined.

Eduardo Reyes coutout

A child-shaped gap in the Equality Act

4 July 2018By

Can a court fill a gap in our equality laws currently used to deny disabled children an education? The outcome of a current case is worth watching.

Kayleigh leonie

Autonomous working is still a pipe dream

2 July 2018By Kayleigh Leonie

For an organisation to be truly ‘flexible’, its employees need to be trusted to manage their own working hours and arrangements.

Joshua Rozenberg

Public trust in the post-Snowden secret state

2 July 2018By Joshua Rozenberg

Whenever something goes terribly wrong, the first thing ministers do is to call in a judge.

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