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Criminalising children: at what age and what cost?

2019-06-25T15:49:00+01:00By Sandra Paul

Failure to adopt a more proportionate approach continues to damn future generations.

Mindy Jhittay

Digging deeper: putting diversity promises into practice

2019-06-24T15:06:00+01:00By Mindy Jhittay, Claire Whittle

There are various pieces to the puzzle of improving diversity in the law.

China protest

Belt and Road’s ‘Weinstein’ moment?

24 June 2019By

China crisis raises awkward questions for solicitors.

Paul rogerson

Roads well travelled

24 June 2019By

A record 15,000 walkers from 886 registered teams raised over £850,000 by completing the London Legal Walk.


Blog: Mother in Law


Diary of a busy practitioner, juggling work and family somewhere in England. This week: time recording.

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Hostile approach towards PI claimants does not combat fraud

2019-06-20T09:38:00+01:00By Mark Jackson

Claimants should be required to prove their cases, but this must be proportionate.

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Hong Kong's extradition dilemma

2019-06-19T11:18:00+01:00By Thomas Garner

Further pressure from Beijing may ensue if the bill is withdrawn. Passing the bill risks widespread public disorder.


We need to get a grip on stress

17 June 2019By Kayleigh Leonie

Employers must protect junior lawyers from burn-out.

Joshua Rozenberg

Boris Johnson and the limits of the law

17 June 2019By Joshua Rozenberg

High Court halts Johnson prosecution in its tracks.

Paul rogerson

Mister and missives

17 June 2019By

When social convention intrudes, there is more at stake than linguistic dogmatism.


Shouldn't lawyers have a duty to flag up opponents’ mistakes?


Clients will love you for letting opponents screw up, but the wider public may see solicitors playing games.


Costs in the Court of Appeal create unique challenges

2019-06-13T09:50:00+01:00By Graeme Kirk

Post script for Jofa Ltd & Anor v Benherst Finance Ltd & Anor gained a great deal of attention.

Ryanair plane

Why we'll take our Ryanair costs fight to the Supreme Court

2019-06-11T15:52:00+01:00By David Bott

A Court of Appeal judgment over flight delay claims could have consequences for all firms developing their own technology.

Jonathan Goldsmith

International cooperation on cybercrime: lawyers beware


Pre-existing citizens’ safeguards should not be thrown out to make room for new laws.

Rachel rothwelluse

When the Arkin cap doesn’t fit

10 June 2019By

The ruling in Davey v Money [2019] EWHC 997 (Ch) delivered a blow to the cap that won't sit well with litigation funders.

Paul rogerson

Charity cases

10 June 2019By

How beleaguered law centres are drawing on new sources of funding to survive.

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Time to redouble our efforts for equal representation

2019-06-07T09:14:00+01:00By Amandeep Khasriya

Inclusivity measures in the profession have had an impact, but progress has not been seen everywhere.


Blog: Mother in Law


Diary of a busy practitioner, juggling work and family somewhere in England. This week: starting school.


Smashing the class ceiling

2019-06-06T11:38:00+01:00By Jonathan Andrews

Far too few top lawyers went to comprehensives. We must do more to foster social mobility

Jonathan Goldsmith

Principles and the European arrest warrant


Welcome intervention by CJEU or another example of EU over-reach?

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