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Monidipa Fouzder 2018

Dear HMCTS, tampons aren't dangerous

22 February 2019By

Court security officers may not place their hands inside visitors' bags but it's apparently OK to make lawyers feel humiliated.

Danielle cohen

Feminist interpretation of taking instructions

21 February 2019By Danielle Cohen

Developing a different approach when taking instructions and presenting cases may create new outcomes and precedents.

Paul maddock

LGBT+ beyond the City

20 February 2019By Paul Maddock

Smaller and regional law firms often struggle to replicate the City’s diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Hannah laming

A code for private prosecutors

19 February 2019By Hannah Laming

The Private Prosecutors’ Association (PPA) has launched a consultation on its draft code for private prosecutors.

Jonathan Goldsmith

A Law Society role in political controversy

19 February 2019By

Profession needs a go-to fact-checking website to lay out background law in complex legal matters.

Joshua Rozenberg

A bulwark against the secret state

18 February 2019By Joshua Rozenberg

Investigatory Powers Tribunal is a force to be reckoned with.

Paul rogerson

Flying a red flag

18 February 2019By

Majority of law firms are prioritising the issue of anti-money laundering in 2019.

Helena shipman

Regulate Facebook and Google, says Cairncross Review: but will it happen?

15 February 2019By Helena Shipman

It will be a bold government that tries to shackle the tech giants.

Mark anderson

Documenting death is in a time warp

14 February 2019By Mark Anderson

The system seems designed for the comfort and convenience of the people administering it.

i stock 920743046

Don't chop Robocop

13 February 2019By

Predictive policing based on AI should be tested under independent scrutiny, not banned.

Jonathan Goldsmith

Beware the hidden consequences of legal tech

12 February 2019By

Benefits that technology can bring to the sector are plentiful, but its social costs are alarming.

Mark beer

Let's build a global judicial trust network

11 February 2019By Mark Beer

Courts around the world have invested in technology to improve the litigation process but enforcement lags behind.

Rachel rothwell

Litigators must tread carefully on shifting sands

11 February 2019By

Civil litigators will need to be resourceful as developments in 2019 herald fresh uncertainty.

Paul rogerson

When the whistle blows

11 February 2019By

The strike-off of Emily Scott has caused uproar, proving a review of the SRA’s whistblowing charter is very much welcome.

Max Walters 2018

'Death tax' fight not over just yet

8 February 2019By

MPs could still bring down the proposals - if someone is willing to speak out.


Blog: Mother in Law

8 February 2019By

Diary of a busy practitioner, juggling work and family somewhere in England. This week: training to be a mediator.

Emily scott 2

Chucking out whistleblowers is a bad look for the profession

6 February 2019By

The tribunal had no option but to strike off Emily Scott. But she should never have been prosecuted in the first place.

Jonathan Goldsmith

More no-deal Brexit advice – but more still needed

5 February 2019By

The Law Society and Resolution have issued a note for solicitors engaged in cross-border family work. Now other subject areas must be tackled.


Blog: Mother in Law

4 February 2019By

Our new blogger on the everyday challenges of juggling family life with a hectic career as a solicitor somewhere in England. This week: Of Amy Winehouse, sprinting to the office and remembering to empathise.

Joshua Rozenberg

Pinochet’s ghost still haunts the law lords

4 February 2019By Joshua Rozenberg

Lord Hope’s diary offers a fascinating insight into the embarrassing fallout from former Chile dictator’s extradition appeal.

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