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Jonathan Goldsmith

CJEU dragged into political disputes

15 October 2018By

Courts in Poland and Hungary have come under the scrutiny of the Court of Justice of the European Union.

Joshua Rozenberg

Lecture theatre

15 October 2018By Joshua Rozenberg

Will Lord Sumption’s Reith lectures be aimed at Lord Hoffmann?

Paul rogerson

Defending the rule of law

15 October 2018By

IBA’s public education campaign highlighting the significance of the rule of law should be promoted by national bars.

John Hyde

Let's be honest - some bits of the PI industry are rotten

12 October 2018By

Claimants already feel baffled by a process that appears to treat them as a commodity.

Beth hale

Judgment in 'gay cake' case

10 October 2018By Beth Hale

Why was it okay for bakers to decline order?

elizabeth rimmer

Law students and junior lawyers need more support

10 October 2018By Elizabeth Rimmer

Junior lawyers must be equipped with the right skills to manage their mental health in the workplace – a fundamental rethink of law firm culture can help make this happen.

Vidisha joshi

How to move your business forward in difficult times

9 October 2018By Vidisha Joshi

Future-proofing your firm requires more than good cashflow – all your staff should be working towards a common goal.

Rachel rothwelluse

Litigation funders, out and proud

8 October 2018By

Vannin’s stock market float is further evidence of a booming third-party funding sector.

Gideon Habel, Leigh Day

When should a lawyer admit to being ill?

5 October 2018By Gideon Habel

Part two in a series on ethical questions raised by the regulatory settlement in KP.

John Hyde

Jeans at work? Law firms should let us ditch the suits

5 October 2018By

Competition for talent is coming at the traditional legal profession from all sides. Marginal gains are essential.

Kelly Ferguson, Bray & Bray

Fore! Ryder Cup claim could hinge on the warning

3 October 2018By Kelly Ferguson

Spectator reportedly considering legal action: what are her chances of success?

Max Walters 2018

Barrister's tweeting trouble

2 October 2018By

Bar complaints report illustrates perils of social media

Jonathan Goldsmith

IT and the definition of cross-border legal services

1 October 2018By

The rise in unregulated electronic platforms has caught the international trading system unawares.

Crime Scene

SDT’s standard of proof should reflect sanctions

1 October 2018By Gregory Smith

If SDT wants to use civil standard of proof it should relinquish the punitive elements of its philosophy.

Joshua rozenberg

The right to a jury trial in Northern Ireland

1 October 2018By Joshua Rozenberg

Supreme Court to consider whether ex-soldier can be tried without a jury.

Paul rogerson

Labour's share plan needs work

1 October 2018By

Notion of workers having more say enjoys broad support, but Labour’s employee ownership plans would prove a real headache for City law firms.

John Hyde

Lesson from Kavanaugh hearing: thank goodness for our system

28 September 2018By

We don’t know the politics of our Supreme Court justices and we don’t need to know.

Monidipa Fouzder 2018

Magistrates' courts: a legal sausage factory

28 September 2018By

Magistrates' numbers are falling, the listings system is chaotic and morale is low.

Max Walters 2018

Food for thought for new SFO chief

26 September 2018By

Two court rulings will give Lisa Osofsky plenty to think about as she continues her SFO baptism.

Peter Noyce

Your team, your future, your retirement solution

25 September 2018By Peter Noyce

The best managers make themselves redundant. This should be a mantra for the owners of law firms.

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