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Jonathan Goldsmith

UK opts into several EU criminal measures just before Brexit

23 April 2019By 5 comments

The surprising moves are in the hope of forming seamless criminal cooperation once we leave the EU.

Jonathan Goldsmith

Upsides to the sector’s major challenges

9 April 2019By 2 comments

In the face of national disputation and meltdown, we must consider the positive sides of problems facing the profession.

Georgina squire

London as an international dispute hub

2 April 2019By Georgina Squire , Avneet Baryan2 comments

London courts are pre-eminent but in a competitive post-Brexit world there is no room for complacency.

Jonathan Goldsmith

Facing our post-Brexit future

25 March 2019By 3 comments

Juggling the profession’s priorities for life after Brexit.

Fracking greenpeace

Paid to persuade

25 March 2019By Marialuisa Taddia1 comments

For decades, government and public affairs practices in UK law firms trailed US-style lawyer-lobbyists. But with Brexit looming large they have been catching up, writes Marialuisa Taddia


Conveyancing firms defy Brexit slowdown fears

5 March 2019By 13 comments

Analysis of Land Registry data shows a post-EU referendum high for transactions.

Jonathan Goldsmith

Some special relationship

5 March 2019By

The open market of England and Wales leaves us in a weak bargaining position when it comes to any post-Brexit trade deals

Simon davis

No-deal would place our profession in peril

4 March 2019By Simon Davis4 comments

As part of a special focus on Brexit: The no-deal implications for the legal sector.

Hugh mercer qc

Our ‘brand’ has taken on a toxic hue

4 March 2019By Hugh Mercer QC4 comments

As part of a special focus on Brexit: The deal and no-deal implications for UK lawyers and EU law.

Theresa May at a European Council summit in Brussels

Special focus Brexit: Standing alone

4 March 2019By Marialuisa Taddia

Deal or no deal, Brexit is set to greatly complicate the professional lives of lawyers and their clients. Kicking off a Gazette special focus, Marialuisa Taddia reports from a recent summit hosted by the Law Society and TheCityUK on what leaving the EU could mean for legal services

Miriam gonzález

Rethinking our sanctions regime

4 March 2019By Miriam González, John Gibson

As part of a special focus on Brexit: The deal and no-deal implications for finance and sanctions.

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