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John halford

These Article 50 judgments entrench sovereignty

10 December 2018By John Halford7 comments

Judgments from the Inner House and the CJEU reaffirm constitution fundamentals.

European Court of Justice

Article 50 opinion 'unwarranted interference' in parliament

4 December 2018By 57 comments

Advocate general suggests court will rule that the UK can unilaterally reverse Brexit.

Kamena Dorling

Upholding children’s rights post-Brexit

30 November 2018By Kamena Dorling1 comments

MPs and peers are concerned that exiting the EU will see us ‘go backwards’ on children’s rights.

Jonathan Goldsmith

More no-deal Brexit advice for lawyers

28 November 2018By 2 comments

Solicitors may find the government’s latest list of no-deal notices useful to help prepare for the ever-approaching, yet continually uncertain, Brexit outcome.

judge ian s forrester

UK's Luxembourg judge warns of ‘unpatriotic’ slurs

22 November 2018By 22 comments

Consistency with the EU has ‘obvious merit’, the UK’s last EU judge says.

Jonathan Goldsmith

Comparing the deal with no-deal for solicitors

19 November 2018By 1 comments

What will the difference between the options of a Brexit deal or no-deal mean to practising lawyers in the UK?

Max Hill QC

CPS braces for 'no deal' Brexit by hiring extra lawyers

14 November 2018By 11 comments

Director of Public Prosecutions Max Hill QC says UK withdrawal from the EU could affect many cases.

Files and hands

5 November 2018

6 November 2018

This week’s starred digests include limitation, administration, vesting in trustee, and business transfer schemes post-Brexit.

Baroness Helena Kennedy

Over 1,500 lawyers call for further Brexit referendum

5 November 2018By Gazette newsdesk61 comments

Letter signed by 1,500 solicitors, barristers and academics will be delivered to Downing Street.

Aldgate Tower, UK branch of the Unified Patent Court

'Tragedy' for UK to miss out on European patent court, say lawyers

25 October 2018By 4 comments

Uncertainty remains over whether or not the UK can participate in Unified Patent Court after Brexit.

Chancery lane lions

'No-deal' will threaten extraditions, says Law Society

25 October 2018By Gazette reporter6 comments

Falling back on 1957 convention would be expensive and time-consuming, Chancery Lane warns.

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