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Couple at home

Reform needed to protect cohabiting couples

22 February 2018By Joanne Raisbeck

It’s time the law caught up with the social shift toward cohabitation.

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Data page – February 2018

20 February 2018

The latest data page figures, compiled by Moneyfacts, are now available.


Budana’s lesson: check the paperwork

19 February 2018By Colin Campbell

Colin Campbell discusses the lesson to be learned from Budana v The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust [2017] 6 costs LR 113.

Nokia phone

Empathetic bricolage: Thought leadership in legal technology

19 February 2018By Joanna Goodman

Much of today’s genuine innovation involves re-engineering processes to create something new.

Masood Ahmed

E-disclosure and party agreement

19 February 2018By Masood Ahmed

The disclosure of relevant documents during the litigation process has been a longstanding and distinctive feature of English civil procedure. However, standard disclosure under the Civil Procedure Rules does not give rise to ‘perfect justice’.

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non-disclosure agreement

Confidentiality agreements

19 February 2018

Law firms use the same strategy whether allegations are true or false.

Data lock computer

Get ready for GDPR

12 February 2018

This is not just another tick-box exercise.

Mental health

Mental health first aid

5 February 2018

Guidance on supporting wellbeing in the workplace is serendipitous.

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Monidipa Fouzder

Covering the cost of legal aid deficiencies

23 February 2018By

Access to justice concerns often centre around the most vulnerable, but we should not forget about the 'just about managing' families.

Sue Bramall

Learning from failure: even unsuccessful legal innovations have payoffs

22 February 2018By Sue Bramall

Sue Bramall discusses the need for learning from failure in order to create successful legal innovations.

John Hyde byline

No special favours for LiPs, but the rules have to change

21 February 2018By

Today’s Supreme Court judgment was right on all sides - now it’s time to help litigants

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Monidipa Fouzder

News focus: legal advice gateway to nowhere

19 February 2018By

The cancellation of a procurement offers an ideal opportunity to overhaul the way publicly funded advice on debt, discrimination and education is provided.

Clare Murray

How to set up in Ireland

22 January 2018By Clare Murray

Since Britain’s vote to leave the EU, lawyers and other professional services have Ireland in their sights.

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Matrimonial toolkit

BOOK REVIEW: Family lifeline

12 February 2018By Tony Roe

It has been a while since family lawyers had this kind of publication to hand. The one I remember was published so long ago that CD-ROMs, like the one accompanying this book, had probably not even been invented.

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