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Decisions and SRA interventions

24 June 2019

Decisions filed recently with the Law Society (which may be subject to appeal).

Law Societies

Local heroes

24 June 2019By Marialuisa Taddia

Over 30 local law societies have disappeared in the last 25 years. Those that remain must innovate to stay relevant amid the decline in volunteerism, reports Marialuisa Taddia

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Did council owe claimants a duty of care?

24 June 2019By Malcolm Johnson

Latest in child protection.

Greenham protest

Greenham Common plan to ‘crowd the prisons’

24 June 2019By Elizabeth Woodcraft

In 1981, women and children walked over 100 miles to the Berkshire USAF base to protest against planned storage of nuclear cruise missiles.

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British MPs, drugs and the US

2019-06-20T10:43:00+01:00By Karnig Dukmajian

Can a foreign national travel to the US following an admission of prior drug use under the country’s immigration law?

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Paul rogerson

Roads well travelled

24 June 2019By

A record 15,000 walkers from 886 registered teams raised over £850,000 by completing the London Legal Walk.

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Mister and missives

17 June 2019By

When social convention intrudes, there is more at stake than linguistic dogmatism.

Paul rogerson

Charity cases

10 June 2019By

How beleaguered law centres are drawing on new sources of funding to survive.

Paul rogerson

Competition mission

3 June 2019By

Leafing through a yellowing copy of the Independent, I note that it is 25 years since (pre-Blairite) Labour dubbed the late Monopolies and Mergers Commission a ‘laughing stock’. Again and again the ‘toothless’ watchdog comes down on the side of big business against the consumer, declared the opposition, calling for ...

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China protest

Belt and Road’s ‘Weinstein’ moment?

24 June 2019By

China crisis raises awkward questions for solicitors.


Blog: Mother in Law


Diary of a busy practitioner, juggling work and family somewhere in England. This week: time recording.

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Hostile approach towards PI claimants does not combat fraud

2019-06-20T09:38:00+01:00By Mark Jackson

Claimants should be required to prove their cases, but this must be proportionate.

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Hong Kong's extradition dilemma

2019-06-19T11:18:00+01:00By Thomas Garner

Further pressure from Beijing may ensue if the bill is withdrawn. Passing the bill risks widespread public disorder.

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News focus: Suspicious minds

24 June 2019By

Enforcement agencies are bombarded by thousands of worthless suspicious activity reports. But advisers hoping the Law Commission would suggest sweeping changes have been disappointed

Royston cartoon

How to: use gender-neutral language

17 June 2019By Melanie Newman

By writing ‘Dear Sirs’, some lawyers feel they are holding out against political correctness. But the battle against gender-neutral language is surely a losing cause, reports Melanie Newman

Stressed worker

How to leave work at the front door

3 June 2019By Katharine Freeland

Switching off from the office will make you happier and more productive, but this is easier said than done. Katharine Freeland offers some top tips about how to strike a healthy work/life balance


How to: make the most of PR

25 March 2019By

A public relations strategy need not just be for the very largest practices – in a crowded market, firms of all sizes are seeking ways to stand out. Eduardo Reyes reports

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A criminal classic reborn

24 June 2019

Smith, Hogan & Ormerod’s Criminal Law (15th edition) | David Ormerod and Karl Laird


Family affairs to the fore in formidable procedural tome

24 June 2019

Financial Remedies Practice 2019  | Sir Peter Singer, Mr Justice Mostyn, Lewis Marks QC, Gavin Smith and Joshua Viney

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Useful aid to arbitration

17 June 2019By Steven Friel

International Arbitration: A Practical Guide, Second Edition | Stuart Dutson, Andy Moody and Neil Newing


Grim reality for asylum-seekers behind tabloid headlines

17 June 2019By Nicholas Goodman

The Invisible Crowd | Ellen Wiles

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In the planning maze

17 June 2019By Robert Bruce

Planning Law – A Practitioner’s Handbook | William Webster

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