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‘One of them actually delivered a speech’


The legal profession was now open to women, but accessing its toilets, canteens and clubs took longer.


Failing the test


Official reports on the ‘super-exam’ pilot raise far more questions than they answer, says the Association of Law Teachers. The SRA must disclose more information to assess whether the new SQE will be fit for purpose.

Serious Fraud Office

SFO’s approach to deferred prosecution agreements

2019-08-12T10:55:00+01:00By Christopher Gribbin

Serious Fraud Office’s latest agreement comes at a time of increased anxiety among corporates and individuals about its use of DPAs.

Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal courtroom

SDT decisions

5 August 2019

Decisions filed recently with the Law Society (which may be subject to appeal).

Justice Teare

Enforcing arbitral awards against foreign states

5 August 2019By Masood Ahmed

Civil procedure.

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Paul rogerson

Who’s paying?

5 August 2019By

Most, but not all, of the Square Mile heavyweights are now accredited by the Living Wage Foundation.

Paul rogerson

Revolving door

29 July 2019By

Average tenure for lord chancellors at Petty France is brief, but this wasn’t always the case.

Paul rogerson

Fighting on two fronts

22 July 2019By

Plight of seriously injured military personnel who seek compensation from the MoD when their careers are cut short by negligence isn’t vocalised enough.

Paul rogerson

Contingency plan

15 July 2019By

A contingent legal aid fund: talked and written about for decades, to no avail.

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In praise of takedown artists


Burford battle shows the market can be the best regulator.

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Time to stop looking at exam results


A Level, or even GCSE results, shouldn’t be the first filter applied to candidates wanting to enter the legal profession.

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Myanmar: reasons for optimism

2019-08-20T10:59:00+01:00By Stephen McNamara

Lawyers are fighting for the rule of law despite a climate of corruption and fear.

Tony roe

Wellbeing? Well done

2019-08-19T10:23:00+01:00By Tony Roe

Judge should be praised for his memo on work-life balance in the Central Family Court.

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Nick Gallagher

News focus: Charity case

29 July 2019By

With income down amid waning interest, this is a worrying time for SBA – the Solicitors’ Charity. But the organisation’s new CEO remains convinced the organisation still has plenty to offer.

Royston cartoon

How to: use gender-neutral language

17 June 2019By Melanie Newman

By writing ‘Dear Sirs’, some lawyers feel they are holding out against political correctness. But the battle against gender-neutral language is surely a losing cause, reports Melanie Newman

Stressed worker

How to leave work at the front door

3 June 2019By Katharine Freeland

Switching off from the office will make you happier and more productive, but this is easier said than done. Katharine Freeland offers some top tips about how to strike a healthy work/life balance


How to: make the most of PR

25 March 2019By

A public relations strategy need not just be for the very largest practices – in a crowded market, firms of all sizes are seeking ways to stand out. Eduardo Reyes reports

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A dirty war for supremacy

22 July 2019By Christopher Stanley

Counterinsurgency and Collusion in Northern Ireland |  Mark McGovern


Talking about my generation

22 July 2019By

The Saturday Girls | Elizabeth Woodcraft


Life on the edge: when evil becomes the new normal

2019-07-12T09:29:00+01:00By David Pickup

Perpetrators of International Crimes: Theories, Methods and Evidence | Alette Smeulers, Maartje Weerdesteijn and Barbora Hola

Family court

Picking up the pieces post-LASPO

8 July 2019

After the Act: Access to Family Justice after LASPO | Mavis Maclean, John Eekelaar

Data lock computer

Essential guide to navigating data protection

8 July 2019

Data Protection Toolkit (2nd edition) | Alison Matthews

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