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Aldgate Tower, UK branch of the Unified Patent Court

Extending the Unified Patent Court beyond the EU?

18 July 2017By Kaya Elkiner

It is possible that the London-based UPC could have a future in Britain after Brexit - if roles are formalised now.

Marshal phillips copy

A historic first for Wales

17 July 2017By Marshall Phillips

How the country’s first housing act is changing the law.

Will Winch

Taylor made: the future of employment law?

14 July 2017By Will Winch

Taylor Review has the potential to set the best practice guidelines for employment law for years to come.

Julianne mile

Returning to law: Reclaiming the ‘lost lawyers’

10 July 2017By Julianne Miles, Gillian Fielder

Women Returners and AWS London are helping solicitors back into the workplace after a career break.

Raquel Siganporia

Why are SCI claimants feeling let down by the legal system?

3 July 2017By Raquel Siganporia

More could be done to improve the plight of those injured through medical negligence.

HMS Queen Elizabeth

Lawtech workshop: In your own defence

3 July 2017By Peter Wright

In the second instalment of a regular Gazette feature, Peter Wright cites the NHS and Royal Navy in arguing that your old IT system might not be as safe as you think.

Richard wald

Climate change: We'll always have Paris

26 June 2017By Richard Wald

Landmark agreement to cut emissions is likely to survive the withdrawal of the US.


Climate change on corporate behaviour

19 June 2017By Katherine Tyler

Demands for a new corporate offence of failing to prevent human rights abuses are becoming mainstream.

Chris Daw QC

The emperor has no clothes – time to scrap the Serious Fraud Office

9 June 2017By Chris Daw

SFO failings need to be resolved, regardless of the fate of Conservative intention to merge with NCA.

Roger sahota

Criminal Finances Act 2017

22 May 2017By Roger Sahota

Roger Sahota assesses a radical overhaul of the anti-money laundering and confiscation regime.

Theresa may election

General election: Non-party campaigning rules

15 May 2017By Simon Steeden

Civil society organisations were caught on the hop by the snap election. What must they do?


Mental health: Tiny steps to make our profession kinder

8 May 2017By Karen Jackson, Elizabeth Rimmer

Poor conduct and outmoded ways of working are causing a mental health crisis among solicitors

Guy Fetherstonhaugh QC, Falcon Chambers

The next step for arbitrations

5 May 2017By Guy Fetherstonhaugh

Has the process of arbitration become litigation in all but name?

John martyn howard kennedy

Crown Prosecution Service: True cost of a poor charging decision

1 May 2017By John Martyn

The acquittal of Kato Harris in July 2016 attracted considerable attention. His case has been in the news again following the recent order for costs against the Crown Prosecution Service after it declined to provide an account of how the decision to charge Harris came to be made.

David haigh

Where next for private prosecutions?

24 April 2017

The conduct of private prosecutors – and their motivations – are under scrutiny

David Parsons

The Employment Rights Act: falling behind the gig economy

13 April 2017

Using legislation from 1996 to determine whether someone is employed, self-employed or a worker is unsatisfactory.

Stephen boyd

Taking account of dishonesty

10 April 2017

Fraud and fresh evidence were factors in a recent High Court decision

Fenella Morris QC

Government crackdown on 'no platform' decisions in universities

6 April 2017

Legal duties have moved to centre stage in a fight over freedom of speech in higher education establishments.

Cyber crime

Schools monitoring student internet use

30 March 2017

Are students and their parents aware that schools are monitoring online activities even when at home?


MIB gears up for new untraced drivers agreement

28 March 2017By Ian Dexter

Motor Insurers Bureau updates agreement for accidents involving untraced drivers, including ‘hit and runs’ and motorcyclists losing control due to diesel spills.

Woman and child

Settlement conferences

24 March 2017By Vanessa Priddis

I was apprehensive about settlement conferences for public law cases, but a pilot scheme in Devon has made me rethink.

Mr Justice Mostyn

Mental capacity: winners and losers

20 March 2017By Sheree Green

Law Commission report on Mental Capacity and Deprivation of Liberty.


Casting the net wider

6 March 2017By Jenny Barker

The ongoing expansion of corporate criminal liability carries new risks for legal advisers.

Brussels skyline

A Brexit survival guide for lawyers

27 February 2017By Oliver Bretz

Law firms have multiple challenges, not only legal and regulatory, but also commercial.

Jehovah watchtower

Snubbing the secular

20 February 2017By Kathleen Hallisey

The Jehovah’s Witnesses organisation is facing an international abuse scandal on a scale akin to the Catholic Church.

Andrew Joint

Laws of robotics: after Asimov

13 February 2017By Andrew Joint

The EU has stepped in to ‘kick-start’ a meaningful discussion on the legislative direction of artificial intelligence.


DPAs – the story so far

6 February 2017By Khawar Qureshi QC

There is an increasing potential for allegations of wrongdoing to feature in commercial litigation and arbitration.

Family court/Court of Protection

Costs protection: warnings and Calderbank offers

30 January 2017By Ian Clarke QC

The Court of Protection has exhibited a robust approach to the exercise of its costs jurisdiction.

Bradford magistrates

Junior lawyers: my first day in court

23 January 2017By Marilyn Stowe

A baptism of fire in Bradford taught me some valuable lessons.

High Court

Duplication of enforcement

16 January 2017

What happens when two professional bodies receive a virtually identical complaint about a member concerning a breach of their rules, code or principles?


Looking back over my career as a lawyer

9 January 2017By Jeremy Holt

What advice would I give my younger self?


Child protection in football – lessons still to be learned

12 December 2016By Malcolm Johnson

The emerging revelations about sex abuse in football suggest mistakes were made. How can we ensure they are not repeated?


Conveyancing: taxing obligations

21 November 2016By Sean Randall

Managing stamp taxes compliance has become a whole lot harder.

Fc anew

Financial regulation: Senior Managers Regime

14 November 2016By Elly Proudlock

I look at a package of further measures released by the Financial Conduct Authority.


Coming to terms with fixed costs

24 October 2016By Richard Allen

Richard Allen considers what solicitors need to do if the proposed fixed-costs regime materialises.


Family law: the courts face a crisis

24 October 2016By Jo Edwards

With the Court of Appeal no longer hearing challenges to local family courts, the court system is at breaking point.


Undermining disabled children’s rights

17 October 2016By Steve Broach

The complex task of advising children and families could soon become virtually impossible.

Rbournes cut

SQE: our regulator has listened

17 October 2016By Robert Bourns

There is much to be welcomed in the SRA’s second consultation on reforms to the qualification process.

Julia black

SQE: high standards, more opportunities

17 October 2016By Julia Black

Your regulator has set out a fuller picture of how the solicitors of the future might qualify.


Second coming of costs bill offers new hope

14 October 2016By

Latest Hutton Committee bill of costs can be an effective tool in resolution of disputes.

Chris cox

Mediation: achieving a satisfactory resolution

10 October 2016By Chris Cox

No amount of time is ever wasted in trying to reach an amicable settlement.


Ten tips for junior lawyers

3 October 2016By Craig Budner, Hendrik Puschmann

For many firms it is imperative that they invest in inter-generational excellence and train young lawyers to focus on what lies ahead.


Quiet revolution in our courts

3 October 2016By Phil Bowen

Profound changes to the way justice is done are welcome – but transforming the system raises urgent questions.


Wales: devolving tax

26 September 2016By Mark Drakeford

Solicitors will play a key role as Wales moves closer to the operation of devolved taxes.


Enforcing court judgments

19 September 2016By Neil Hickman

An unworkable procedure needs to change.

ministry of justice

Criminal legal aid contracts – third time lucky?

14 September 2016By Ben Gaston

Advice for firms that are unsuccessful in the MoJ’s latest procurement for its controversial contracts.

Rio opening ceremony 1

Olympics 2016: this sporting life

5 September 2016By Mark Hovell

Working as an arbitrator at the Rio Olympics was the highlight of my career.


Planning: neighbourhood development

5 September 2016By Peter Edwards

Plans designed to offer a solution to the housing crisis are being frustrated by legislative anomalies and an over-zealous approach.

Sasha barton

Access to justice for Travellers and Gypsies

26 August 2016By Sasha Barton

A new movement aims to highlight the problems still faced by these groups and to end discrimination against them.

Hong kong

Crossing the river — the law on legal professional privilege

12 August 2016By Bryan Cave

A recent decision in Hong Kong may have powerful repercussions for the concept of LPP.

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