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Deafness and the justice system

17 April 2019By Dr Elizabeth Wakeland

Individuals’ level of hearing loss will impact on their ability to participate in legal proceedings, whether criminal, family or civil.

Ryan cable

'On a first-name basis' with a tribunal member

16 April 2019By Nick Storrs, Ryan Cable

Arbitrators and counsel must be sensitive to the perception of bias in a market known to be characteristically 'warm and friendly'.

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Failing to prevent economic crime

9 April 2019By Michael Goodwin QC, Michelle Sloane, Aimee Riese

Many have called for a new failure to prevent fraud offence, but its potential effectiveness is up for debate.

Shannon moore

What we learned from taking the ‘super-exam’

8 April 2019By Shannon Moore, Emily McArthur

Piloting the SQE.

David greene

A missed opportunity to revisit reform

8 April 2019By David Greene

LASPO Part 2 review.


Law firms, business and human rights

5 April 2019By Anna Triponel, Catie Shavin

Practical approaches to advance your firm’s practice.

Suzi denton

The law on freezing human eggs

2 April 2019By Suzi Denton

The 10-year storage limit for frozen eggs is outdated, discriminatory and needs to change.

London city skyline

Using finance to transform the legal sector

1 April 2019By Zachary Whyte, Franck Magennis

The legal sector is rife with oppression, exploitation and inequality. Could private equity, and other financial investment vehicles, form part of the solution?

Oliver shipway

The Disclosure Pilot Scheme: three months in

29 March 2019By Richard Bacon, Oliver Shipway

Some of the key changes and how they are working out in practice.

Ian bond

Proposed probate fee reforms fall short

21 March 2019By Ian Bond

Bereaved are not litigants pursuing multi-million pound cases through the courts.

Alison herbert

Happiness. A luxury or necessity?

20 March 2019By Alison Herbert

2009 research showed that as a profession we are more likely to suffer from mental ill-health.

Jenni tellyn

Breaking down stereotypes in professional writing

15 March 2019By Jenni Tellyn, Hector Denfield

How to avoid gendered language.

Sailesh mehta

Home truths for the home secretary on the Shamima Begum case

12 March 2019

Decision to strip citizenship from Ms Begum is likely to be wrong in domestic and international law.

Christopher stanley

1974 pub bombings: unanswered questions

11 March 2019By Christopher Stanley

IRA pub bombings continue to raise questions about multi-death investigations.

Dimitri schneider

English civil litigation: A secure perch

8 March 2019By Dimitri Schneider

The country’s world-leading position in the legal services market for high stakes litigation will not be easily toppled.

Sean bradley

A new Welsh tax – one year on

4 March 2019By Sean Bradley

The Welsh Revenue Authority took on the task of administering the first Welsh taxes introduced in almost 800 years.

Chetal patel

Obstacles to overcome in a ‘compliant’ immigration environment

14 February 2019By Chetal Patel

Charitable organisations which are sponsors must revisit current practices to avoid unpleasant surprises.

International court of justice

International race discrimination

11 February 2019By Lord Goldsmith QC, Merryl Lawry-White

In Qatar v United Arab Emirates the International Court of Justice reaffirmed its legitimacy as an independent mechanism for the peaceful resolution of disputes.

Robert amsterdam

Time to ditch the European Arrest Warrant?

4 February 2019By Robert Amsterdam

As the EAW mechanism becomes less viable in parts of the EU, the UK should consider if it wants to remain in the EAW deal after Brexit.

Petra warrington

Proposed reforms to save more art for the nation

1 February 2019By Petra Warrington

Balance must be redressed so museums are better funded to acquire national treasures.


Claims of a false and misleading case

25 January 2019By Lydia Danon

Where fraud or dishonesty is alleged in cases, the pleader is entitled to rely on facts which justify inference of dishonesty.

Sophia purkis

What stays in the boardroom?

21 January 2019By Sophia Purkis, Sarah Charig

Courts are not proving eager to extend the scope of litigation privilege, meaning companies must remain vigilant regarding internal communications.

Hong kong

Asia-Pacific property: What UK lawyers need to know

17 January 2019By Tiffany Wan

Better understanding of Hong Kong markets will greatly assist the UK legal profession in handling foreign enquiries and understanding their clientele, writes Tiffany Wan.

Frank maher

Risks to look out for in 2019

14 January 2019By Frank Maher

Challenges in GDPR, anti-money laundering, claims and insurance, and professional regulation lie in the year ahead.

Royal Courts of Justice, Strand

Is civil legal aid discretionary?

7 January 2019By James Harper

Legal aid spending – civil or criminal – is the choice of the state and, in that sense, it is all truly discretionary, says James Harper.

marleen bouwer2

Criminal investigations post-Brexit

2 January 2019By Marleen Bouwer

European Investigation Orders are a form of mutual legal assistance useful both to defence and prosecution, but uncertainty surrounds their future.

June Venters

Parental alienation

4 December 2018By June Venters

Dealing with accusations that one parent has ‘turned’ the mind of a child against the other.

Grania Langdon-Down

Costs office ‘not a sausage-making machine’

3 December 2018By

Master Peter Haworth hopes e-bills will be introduced to lessen the workload of the Senior Courts Costs Office, but this won’t be any time soon.


Well-known tools can be adapted to fight new forms of fraud

27 November 2018By Sam Roberts, Rosie Wild

A combination of modified legal weapons and various innovative service methods made for a groundbreaking judgment in a banking fraud case earlier this year.

Mathew Rea

A new approach to witness evidence

19 November 2018By Mathew Rea

Many are beginning to question whether, in commercial disputes, the benefits of oral witness evidence are really proportionate to the time and cost incurred.

Mark Thomas

Grenfell and the right to free expression

14 November 2018By Mark Thomas

The arrests of six men for burning an effigy of the Grenfell Tower has pushed the issue of clarity between public and private expression back into the spotlight.

Roger Franklin

Reforming the courts: a half-time report

12 November 2018By Roger Franklin

What is the current state of play following plans announced two years ago to improve the courts and tribunals system?


Living in the moment

5 November 2018By

Can mindfulness for lawyers have the power to be transformative?

Eduardo Reyes coutout

Putting a price on conveyancing

29 October 2018By

Solicitors point out that every residential conveyancing transaction is different – so how to deal with ‘price transparency’ requirements that assume the service is commoditised?

Jason Woodland

One way or another: Choosing between criminal or civil remedies in fraud cases

19 October 2018By Jason Woodland

One of the first decisions a victim of fraud will have to make – often at a very distressing time and before all the facts are known – is whether they should make a criminal complaint to the authorities or pursue their own civil remedy.

Jonathan pearce

Sleep-ins and the national minimum wage

15 October 2018By Jonathan Pearce

Supreme Court bid for permission to appeal Mencap decision.

Grainne mc keever

‘Normalising’ the presence of LiPs

15 October 2018By Gráinne McKeever

Individuals who go to court without a lawyer can jeopardise their right to a fair trial.

David christopher

Wanted posters or political weapons?

8 October 2018By Christopher David, Nicholas Hearn

Are Interpol red notices being abused?

Georgina Squire

Calculating diminution in value

8 October 2018By Georgina Squire

Quantifying diminution of value as a form of damages poses problems for litigators and the courts.

Matt gingell

Social media for lawyers: A simple guide

21 September 2018

Some pitfalls to watch out for for those active on social media.

Eduardo reyes

One-way ticket to an uncertain destination

10 September 2018By

Clock is ticking on Solicitors Qualifying Exam.

David greene

Ministers paper over the cracks

3 September 2018By David Greene

Brexit clock is ticking.

Deal making

Is your LLP agreement fit for purpose if deal-makers come knocking?

17 August 2018By Zulon Begum

A merger, sale or IPO should be a streamlined process approved by senior management.


Managing autistic employees and partners

15 August 2018By Jay Bhayani

Firms have a duty to make reasonable adjustments for staff with autism spectrum disorder.

Tini owens

Owens fallout: a damp squib or turning point?

8 August 2018By Andrew Watson

Owens put divorce law reform high up on the agenda – now it’s time for the government to act.


Effective deal-making: part 2

23 July 2018By Simon Haigh

The ‘7P’ process

Simon hartley

Navigating the MEES Regulations

9 July 2018By Simon Hartley, Ben Strange

Energy efficiency.

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