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Partner departure

Dealing with partner departures

20 November 2017By Catriona Watt

The experience of a tricky partner’s departure can help to define a firm’s culture and market reputation.


Blockchain: a numbers game

20 November 2017By

Blockchain is a very good horse to bet on – we just don’t yet know in which race

Sundeep Bhatia

Safeguarding solicitors – and our clients

20 November 2017By Sundeep Bhatia

Clear and proportionate regulation is the bedrock of our peerless legal system – we ignore this at our peril.


Judicial behaviour: Bullying in the courtroom

13 November 2017By Paramjit Ahluwalia

New measures are needed to combat judicial bullying – existing safeguards are not enough.

Phil ivey

Discliplinary proceedings: Defining dishonesty

6 November 2017By Gregory Treverton-Jones

Ivey v Genting Casinos – why the new test of dishonesty will make no difference to the outcome of disciplinary proceedings.

Eniola aluko

Employment law: Aluko and the Football Association

6 November 2017By Richard Nicolle

High-profile case provides a salutary reminder to employers on handling sensitive allegations of discrimination.

Dsc 9427

Brexit taskforce: A progress report on leaving the EU

30 October 2017By David Greene

The Law Society is working hard to place the law and profession in the best possible position whatever the outcome of Brexit.

London City

London court overhaul to prioritise counter cybersecurity threats

24 October 2017By Judy Krieg, Douglas Campbell

New court to tackle cybercrime and fraud in the financial sector set to open in London.


Private prosecutions: A question of ethics

23 October 2017By Hannah Laming, Annabel Kerley

A code of conduct for private prosecutors is essential to maintain public confidence and improve standards.

Andrew hogan

Group litigation: Strength in numbers

16 October 2017By Andrew Hogan

The relationship between group litigation and litigation funding is tightening.

Andy Ellis

Fixed costs reform: On the right track?

12 October 2017By

LJ Jackson’s latest proposal elicits positives and pitfalls.

Peter liver

Education and learning: Confronting a perfect storm

9 October 2017By Peter Liver

The Law Society today launches a new education strategy with two international partnerships


First-mover advantage for firms that adapt to Brexit world

6 October 2017By Peter Noyce

Cross-border connectivity will help law firms prosper post-Brexit.

James bell

The NAO does not understand clinical negligence

5 October 2017By James Bell

Clinical negligence lawyers everywhere will have been disappointed - albeit not surprised - by the findings of a long-awaited NAO report.

Richard allen

Costs: Poorly prepared for a revolution

2 October 2017By Richard Allen

The transformation of recoverable costs is anything but fixed.

White & Case

White & Case: the shape of things to come in SDT cases?

25 September 2017By Iain Miller, Sian Jones

Does the £250k fine mark a change in attitudes?

Robert buckland

Criminal justice: How best to stop economic crime

18 September 2017By Lloyd Firth, Leila Gaafar

Are those responsible for preventing and controlling economic crime really up to it?

Talk talk office

GDPR: Don't panic on data protection

18 September 2017By Sarah Williamson

What law firms must do to survive data regulation’s new dawn

House keys copy

Residential property: Don't write off leasehold just yet

18 September 2017By Russell Hewitson

As public concern mounts, leasehold must evolve if it is to survive.


Threat of permanent damage to citizens' rights bolstered by Brexit papers

13 September 2017By Sajjad Karim MEP

Defining citizens’ rights for post-Brexit is integral - there is no turning back.

Theresa May

Immigration: Negotiating the rights of EU/UK nationals

4 September 2017By Laura Devine

Signs following UK’s proposal for EU citizen rights post-Brexit don’t appear positive.

Anne in ethiopia

Charity: Changing legal lives

4 September 2017By

Lex:lead’s annual essay competition helps law students in some of the world’s poorest countries.

Peter Wright, DigitalLawUK at Robots & Lawyers conference 2016

Staying secure when agile working

30 August 2017By

Working out of the office? Beware of public Wi-Fi networks & other risks.

Home Office

Brexit and relocating with children overseas – mind the immigration and family law gaps

23 August 2017By Stacey Nevin, Katie Newbury

What will happen to families comprised of EU citizens when Britain leaves the EU?

I stock 630021480

The 10,000 hour rule – as in table tennis, so in law

14 August 2017By Darryl Cooke

Hours logged may not guarantee expertise, but it will assure clients that their work is in safe hands.

Moore-Bick at Grenfell

The laws the Grenfell Inquiry must tackle

11 August 2017

The many difficulties the inquiry team will have to face in a regulatory minefield.

Khawar Qureshi QC

Judiciary: On the defensive

7 August 2017By Khawar Qureshi QC

Politicians share the blame for creating a moral context in which judges can be ridiculed and vilified.

Ian bond talbots may 17

Wills and probate: Face to face with online wills

7 August 2017By Ian Bond

The Law Commission has rekindled the debate on replacing archaic will-making with a digital future.

Unison court case

Employment tribunal fees - the next steps

1 August 2017By Beyzade Beyzade

What next after Supreme Court rules charging fees to bring an employment tribunal claim is unlawful.


Employment: Blowing the whistle

31 July 2017By Kate Shute

Appeal court decision could herald a resurgence of claims advanced under the whistleblower legislation.


Pre-action disclosure: Not worth the candle?

24 July 2017By Richard Clegg

It will be a rare case where an application for pre-action disclosure is worth the effort

Craig ward copy

Business lasting powers of attorney

24 July 2017By Craig Ward

What to do when a business owner lacks the capacity to make decisions.

Aldgate Tower, UK branch of the Unified Patent Court

Extending the Unified Patent Court beyond the EU?

18 July 2017By Kaya Elkiner

It is possible that the London-based UPC could have a future in Britain after Brexit - if roles are formalised now.

Marshal phillips copy

A historic first for Wales

17 July 2017By Marshall Phillips

How the country’s first housing act is changing the law.

Will Winch

Taylor made: the future of employment law?

14 July 2017By Will Winch

Taylor Review has the potential to set the best practice guidelines for employment law for years to come.

Julianne mile

Returning to law: Reclaiming the ‘lost lawyers’

10 July 2017By Julianne Miles, Gillian Fielder

Women Returners and AWS London are helping solicitors back into the workplace after a career break.

Raquel Siganporia

Why are SCI claimants feeling let down by the legal system?

3 July 2017By Raquel Siganporia

More could be done to improve the plight of those injured through medical negligence.

HMS Queen Elizabeth

Lawtech workshop: In your own defence

3 July 2017By

In the second instalment of a regular Gazette feature, Peter Wright cites the NHS and Royal Navy in arguing that your old IT system might not be as safe as you think.

Richard wald

Climate change: We'll always have Paris

26 June 2017By Richard Wald

Landmark agreement to cut emissions is likely to survive the withdrawal of the US.


Climate change on corporate behaviour

19 June 2017By Katherine Tyler

Demands for a new corporate offence of failing to prevent human rights abuses are becoming mainstream.

Chris Daw QC

The emperor has no clothes – time to scrap the Serious Fraud Office

9 June 2017By Chris Daw

SFO failings need to be resolved, regardless of the fate of Conservative intention to merge with NCA.

Roger sahota

Criminal Finances Act 2017

22 May 2017By Roger Sahota

Roger Sahota assesses a radical overhaul of the anti-money laundering and confiscation regime.

Theresa may election

General election: Non-party campaigning rules

15 May 2017By Simon Steeden

Civil society organisations were caught on the hop by the snap election. What must they do?


Mental health: Tiny steps to make our profession kinder

8 May 2017By Karen Jackson, Elizabeth Rimmer

Poor conduct and outmoded ways of working are causing a mental health crisis among solicitors

Guy Fetherstonhaugh QC, Falcon Chambers

The next step for arbitrations

5 May 2017By Guy Fetherstonhaugh

Has the process of arbitration become litigation in all but name?

John martyn howard kennedy

Crown Prosecution Service: True cost of a poor charging decision

1 May 2017By John Martyn

The acquittal of Kato Harris in July 2016 attracted considerable attention. His case has been in the news again following the recent order for costs against the Crown Prosecution Service after it declined to provide an account of how the decision to charge Harris came to be made.

David haigh

Where next for private prosecutions?

24 April 2017

The conduct of private prosecutors – and their motivations – are under scrutiny

David Parsons

The Employment Rights Act: falling behind the gig economy

13 April 2017

Using legislation from 1996 to determine whether someone is employed, self-employed or a worker is unsatisfactory.

Stephen boyd

Taking account of dishonesty

10 April 2017

Fraud and fresh evidence were factors in a recent High Court decision

Fenella Morris QC

Government crackdown on 'no platform' decisions in universities

6 April 2017

Legal duties have moved to centre stage in a fight over freedom of speech in higher education establishments.

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