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18 January 2018

David Gauke MP arrives at the Royal Courts of Justice to be sworn in as lord chancellor this morning.

Joanna Goodman

Technology: Playing the end game

15 January 2018By Joanna Goodman

What will the next iteration of the law firm look like?


International criminal justice

8 January 2018By

Global justice forums can struggle to overcome the power politics of nation states. Eduardo Reyes looks at the ambitions of the International Criminal Court.

Joe Egan

In with the new

8 January 2018By

December’s Council meeting, at the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, had a packed agenda which looked back over 2017 and forward to implementing changes already under way.

Mogers drewett luke watson

Reforming the law on wills

5 January 2018By Luke Watson

Luke Watson has four predictions about the outcome of the Law Commission’s review on wills.


Data page – November 2017

21 December 2017

The latest data page figures, compiled by Moneyfacts, are now available.

Ttip ceta protests

Trade treaties: pact agenda

4 December 2017By Marialuisa Taddia

UK haggling over a post-Brexit trade deal has cast a spotlight on the proliferation of treaties subject to ever more complex laws and regulations. Marialuisa Taddia reports

Duncan eadie

Technology: netminder is a good save

4 December 2017By Joanna Goodman

AI goalie keeps out email howlers, while a chatbot takes the strain off junior clerks.


Sexual harassment: You too?

27 November 2017By

Sexual harassment in the legal profession is ‘rife’ – with the City of London providing some of the worst examples, Eduardo Reyes hears

Rk web people georgina squire 011

Litigation – 2017 in review

27 November 2017By Georgina Squire

BPE Solicitors v Hughes-Holland [2017] UKSC 21, a solicitors’ negligence claim, was the Supreme Court’s first opportunity to review the 20-year-old House of Lords SAAMCO principle, which underpins the calculation of loss in professional negligence claims. The court reaffirmed the SAAMCO judgment, referred to by Lord Sumption as ‘one of ...

Us federal reserve

Private equity: Many happy returns?

27 November 2017By Marialuisa Taddia

Ten years after the financial crisis erupted, private equity has rediscovered some of its old swagger. Legal advisers have not been slow to capitalise, reports Marialuisa Taddia


Canada: Trading places

20 November 2017By Grania Langdon-Down

Buffeted by foreign incomers and embroiled in a trade stand-off with the US, Canadian law firms are seeking to broaden their horizons.

Measuring tape

Data page – October 2017

16 November 2017

The latest data page figures, compiled by Moneyfacts, are now available.

Legal geek vestbirk

Technology: Riding the hype-cycle

13 November 2017By Joanna Goodman

Tech start-ups have peaked, we are told – not so in the law.

Chancery lane illustration

Society spotlight: Planning for an uncertain market

13 November 2017

October’s meeting of the Law Society Council

G20 summit

EU Financial Regulation: Money troubles

13 November 2017By Marialuisa Taddia

Since the 2008 crash, restoring stability to Europe’s financial services industry has taken precedence over creating a single market. That has meant a fee bonanza for compliance advisers.

Ahmed aydeed

Victim support: Ahmed Aydeed

6 November 2017By

The Junior Lawyer of the Year 2017 is proud to serve ‘demonised’ asylum-seekers who have lost everything.

Avocado on toast

Avocado and toast on the menu

23 October 2017By Joanna Goodman

The buzz around new combinations of familiar products can drive revenue and help law firms and clients work smarter.

Grenfell protest

Out of the loop

23 October 2017By Marialuisa Taddia

Access to justice has become inversely proportional to the need for representation. How realistic is it to hope for meaningful reform?

How to do pr

How to: Make the most of PR

16 October 2017By

Why are some firms always popping up in the media while others struggle to get coverage? And how should you handle a crisis?

High court

Electric reams

16 October 2017By

Litigators remain reluctant to move away from standard disclosure, despite Jackson LJ’s best efforts. Could technology be a panacea in the battle to control costs?

Chancery lane illustration

Society spotlight: How you can stay on trend

16 October 2017By Caitlin Padmore

Joining the Law Society Insights community will help ensure your voice is heard

Nick shipp

Intellectual property: A stress on technical advantages

16 October 2017By Nick Shipp

The US Federal Circuit’s latest struggles with the Alice decision could have a positive impact for UK patent litigators

Mental health

Mental health: we must do more

12 October 2017By Howard Hymanson, Charlie Thompson

On the week of the 25th Annual Mental Health Day, the legal profession as a whole needs to do more to tackle the increasing pressures inherent in the job.

Closing how to

How to: Close a law firm

9 October 2017By

Last year 367 firms shut up shop – what’s the best way to close? Eduardo Reyes reports


Azerbaijan: Baku to the future

9 October 2017By Marialuisa Taddia

Azerbaijan is attempting to diversify and attract foreign investors amid a financial crisis. Lawyers in the former Soviet republic are already exploiting new advisory opportunities, reports Marialuisa Taddia

Gareth farrelly 15.08.17 016

Blue collar: Gareth Farrelly

2 October 2017By

His goal kept Everton in the premier league but it was a legal run-in with FIFA that led Gareth Farrelly to his new career in law.

Paul bennett

Small fortunes

2 October 2017By

Generating leads, preventing cyber-attacks and a bear dancing the Moonwalk all featured at the Small Firms Division’s annual conference.

J493 ky

Wellbeing: Mind your business

2 October 2017By

Mental health and wellbeing at work are rising up the agenda of legal employers.


Council: Fresh blood and defining a culture

25 September 2017

September’s meeting of the Law Society Council.

Nottingham trent law school

Education and training: Testing times

25 September 2017By Grania Langdon-Down

With three years to go until implementation of the new ‘super-exam’, concerns remain about what this controversial revamp will mean for the profession.


Data page – September 2017

21 September 2017

The latest data page figures, compiled by Moneyfacts, are now available.

Bt computer

Seeing the wood for the trees

18 September 2017By Joanna Goodman

In legal IT, ‘disruption’ is morphing into the new normal. Solicitors must also keep an eye on the basics.

Ubs zurich

Feel the Bern

11 September 2017By Marialuisa Taddia

Switzerland remains the largest offshore centre, but it is a tough market to crack for international firms.


PII update: Double indemnity

4 September 2017By

Most law firms will renew their indemnity insurance next month. Solicitors, brokers and insurers talk to us about the latest market trends.

Pounds and data

Data page – August 2017

17 August 2017

The latest data page figures, compiled by Moneyfacts, are now available.

Eea 1992 efta ministers and chief negotiators copy

Brexit: Deal or no deal?

7 August 2017By Joanna Goodman

From Brexit apps and heat maps to joining the Irish Bar, lawyers are preparing for a life‑changing event of epic scale.

Graham vinter

A new driver: Graham Vinter

31 July 2017By

Graham Vinter eschewed his golf handicap for a second career in private practice – and a pioneering business network.

Online learning

Society spotlight: Professional development centre

31 July 2017By

New PDC aims to help shape a profession that is fit for purpose now and in the future.

Apple hq

California: Golden wonder

31 July 2017By Marialuisa Taddia

Foreign firms must be truly committed to exploit the vast and lucrative California market. Competition for talent is fierce and living costs can be eye-wateringly expensive.

How to succession

How to: Prepare for the succession

24 July 2017By

In smaller practices, succession planning is often left until retirement comes into view. That is a mistake.

Eu judges

Competition: into the unknowns

24 July 2017By Marialuisa Taddia

Competition lawyers are no clearer than they were last June about how Brexit will work for them.

Amazon echo

A little more conversation: thought leadership in legal technology

24 July 2017By Joanna Goodman

The rise of voice interfaces in consumer platforms is changing the delivery of legal services.

Stock market

Data page – July 2017

20 July 2017

The latest data page figures, compiled by Moneyfacts, are now available.

Society agm

Law Society Council: Say hello and wave goodbye

17 July 2017

July’s meeting of the Law Society Council was the first for new president Joe Egan.

Manchester protest

Criminal defence: Endangered species

17 July 2017By Grania Langdon-Down

Is criminal defence practice becoming unsustainable?

SRA mug

SRA intervention: Coops Law Ltd

10 July 2017

Majid’s current practising certificate has been suspended with immediate effect.

SRA mug

SRA intervention: SJ Solicitors LLP

10 July 2017

The practising certificates of Singh and Roberts are suspended as a result of the intervention.

SRA mug

SRA intervention: Valleys Law

10 July 2017

Price’s practising certificate has been suspended as a result of the intervention.

SRA mug

SRA intervention: Maus Solicitors

10 July 2017

The practising certificates of Agada and Weston have been suspended as a result of the intervention.

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