Sir Andrew McFarlane thought transfer

Family chief's judicial 'transmission'

19 July 2018By

Judges cannot comment on government policy. So you'll have to read their mind instead.

london flyover

Flying visitors

16 July 2018

The mildewed window frames of Obiter Towers were set rattling on their hinges last Wednesday as 100 aircraft roared low over legal London.

Harry kane

Semi detached

16 July 2018

Talking of corporate gigs, Obiter’s garland for maladroit scheduling has a new owner.

Morton landscape

Criminal justice under the cosh

16 July 2018By James Morton

I was at a conference held by the University of York on ‘Imagining the Impossible’ recently when someone in the audience asked how long it would be before the criminal justice system broke down.


Tom Watson next in line for lawyers' Twitter backlash

10 July 2018

Deputy leader of the Labour Party and shadow culture secretary Tom Watson MP received a nasty bite today from the social media snake pit after an ill-advised tweet.


Naked truth puts nudes in a mood

9 July 2018

It’s rare that Obiter quotes legal advice from the British Naturism organisation.

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