Chancellor candidates

Snap poll could mean yet another new face at the MoJ

18 April 2017

The lord chancellor’s robes are in and out of the dry-cleaners every fortnight. Or so it seems.

Sir James Munby

'A farrago of delusional nonsense.' So that's a no then?

13 April 2017By

There are some cases so finely balanced on the finer nuances of law that a judgment could genuinely swing either way.


And the Bafta goes to.. the CPS?

11 April 2017

BBC three-part series is up for a prestigious television gong.

Delete history

Just browsing

10 April 2017

Will we ever find out what the five most popular websites at the Attorney General’s Office were? While Obiter was eager to learn about the browsing habits at legal departments, we were disappointed to find that the AGO’s ‘history’ will remain a mystery. ‘The Attorney General’s Office has recently changed ...

Pork pie

Who ate all the pies?

10 April 2017

Obiter can forgive the shadow justice secretary Richard Burgon a little preening when he was recognised by a friendly constituent while doing the weekly shop at his local supermarket, Tesco in Seacroft, Leeds. In a tweet reflecting on the encounter, the man-of-the-people and loyal Corbynista concluded that what’s ‘genuinely wrong ...

I stock 521574517

Assault with a deadly melon

10 April 2017

Classic tales of first days in the law continue to roll in. Alan Oakley of Burgess Hill writes: ‘I was sent to a grocer’s shop to serve a writ. I was told to look through the door first and make sure he was behind the counter because he had a ...

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