High Court master is a breath of fresh air

21 January 2019

Edmund Honohan was forced to create his own ventilation system in a Dublin courtroom.

Ghostly figure

Ghost in the machine?

21 January 2019

Perhaps the haunting of an executed highwayman is behind the ‘unique challenges’ the Central Criminal Court faces when it comes to WiFi.


Lawyers in the dock over Brexit blockage

21 January 2019

If in doubt, blame the lawyers.

Memory lane

Memory lane 21 January 2018

21 January 2019

A stroll down Gazette memory lane.

Parking mad

Faceless blue and yellow bureaucracy says: no extension

17 January 2019

Transition period ends for barristers.


Dobbing in your clients

14 January 2019By James Morton

When an Australian gang war led to the death of her father, Lawyer X took matters into her own hands.

All Obiter

The Letter of the Law



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