Dylan shows his Hart for a promotional appearance


Former England captain was guest of honour for announcement that Irwin Mitchell is official legal partner of England Rugby.

Shaun McNally

Former legal aid chief lands another demanding role: sorting Brexit


Shaun McNally has his work cut out thanks to Boris Johnson's 'Do or Die' Brexit strategy.


Game changer: VAR and divorce reform


Mediation charity makes a bold comparison to highlight frustration over the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill.

David pannick qc

Supreme Court case not a bundle of fun for lawyers


The show goes on - with some delay.

Silhouette of man

Sitting on the offence

16 September 2019

Readers will be aware of issues surrounding the right to be forgotten, which gives some of those with a blemish in their past the chance to erase it from Google searches.


Fun and games down the aisle

16 September 2019

Getting married is by no means a game but academics at the University of Glasgow have come up with an entertaining way to help lay people understand the legal implications.

Plane at airport

Winging it in the classroom

16 September 2019

A conversation in a legal London hostelry the other night set Obiter thinking about how creative solicitors can get away with winging it (sic) in the new world of self-assessed continuing competence.

Memory lane

Memory lane 16 September 2019

16 September 2019

A stroll down Gazette memory lane.

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Right to be forgotten… in 60 years’ time


SDT updates its judgment publication policy.


Buckland's history lesson for the PM


The lord chancellor spoke to Boris Johnson about the importance of the rule of law.


Chancery Lane’s traffic-free lunch

9 September 2019

A string quartet, a beehive, a smoothie bike and a karaoke stall together with numerous food stalls and several bars were among the attractions popping up on London’s main legal thoroughfare last week. Chancery Lane closed to traffic for three lunchtimes in succession as part of the Lunchtime Streets initiative ...


Linklaters’ purple ways

9 September 2019

In an apparent bid to connect with youth culture, magic circle firm Linklaters has re-designed the offer letter it sends out to future trainees. Gone are the days when a monochrome typed document was enough – successful recruits will now receive a purple-themed, eco-friendly letter devoid of legalese.


Filler whale

9 September 2019

A review copy of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: International Legal and Regulatory Challenges (Bloomsbury Professional) lands on Obiter’s desk with a gratifying thump. At 357 pages from three expert authors, it looks a weighty and timely briefing on the legal questions raised by new encryption techniques.

Morton landscape

Reading the Riot Act 100 years on

9 September 2019

The last time the Riot Act was officially read in England was in 1919 in Liverpool during the second police strike.

Wer wird

German lawyer really wanted to be a millionaire


Avid fan of TV quiz show who reconstructed the studio in his home hits the jackpot.


Lunchtime and the living is easy


London’s Chancery Lane closes for the first of three days of street events.


Panama Papers firm hits the big screen


The Laundromat brings an all-star cast to the Mossack Fonseca story.

Memory lane

Memory lane 2 September 2019

2 September 2019

A stroll down Gazette memory lane.

Tony Hancock

Judge and jury

2 September 2019

What happens when the master of the rolls gets summoned for jury service?

equal to everything

What Brenda did

2 September 2019

There’s soon to be a children’s book based on Lady Hale’s life.

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