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Two years on from SARs, have you established a firm-wide third party referral process?

1 November 2021By Dave Seager

Dave Seager, consulting adviser to SIFA Professional, on third party referral. (Sponsored content).

John Clarke, Wesleyan Bank

The road to recovery

11 October 2021

John Clarke, Head of Professions at Wesleyan Bank, talks financial planning. (Sponsored content.)

Doug Luftman, DocuSign

Reducing risk through electronic signing

11 October 2021

Doug Luftman at DocuSign discusses how electronic signatures and remote witnessing can help reduce the risk that a signatory, who is signing a contract, is under duress or being coerced. (Sponsored content.)

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Litigation funding is now for everyone

27 September 2021

Read about how FinLegal is changing the way litigation funding works for the better. (Sponsored content.)

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Are you hanging on to too much cash?

27 September 2021By Ann-Marie Atkins

Financial planning with Tilney (sponsored content).

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Making hybrid working in law firms a reality

20 September 2021By John Espley

In the last year John Espley, CEO of LEAP UK, has witnessed first-hand the importance of cloud technology to SME law firms and shares his thoughts on building a successful hybrid working law firm. (Sponsored content.)

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The challenging future of clinical negligence litigation

2021-07-26T00:01:00+01:00Occasional Contributor

Mike Knight, ARAG, discusses the future of clinical negligence (sponsored content).


How freedom of expression survived censorship

2021-07-16T07:37:00+01:00By David Pickup

Dangerous Ideas: A Brief History of Censorship in the West, from the Ancients to Fake News | Eric Berkowitz


Future real estate… or not?

24 May 2021

It’s likely that office change and remote working, that appeared impossible pre-pandemic, have now been made possible, and in fact, are being adopted by a majority.


Advising on pandemic-related issues? Look no further!

8 February 2021

4 Stone Buildings discuss their free-to-access e-book Litigation in the Time of Covid-19