When the accused are also victims

17 September 2018By Natalie Smith

What has played out in recent weeks in the ’Roxy v Ryan punch that wasn’t’ bears a resemblance to what our courts face on a daily basis when criminal allegations are made.


Timely clarity on litigation privilege

17 September 2018By Nathan Willmott

The Court of Appeal’s judgment in SFO v ENRC has been strongly welcomed by our major corporate clients.


‘No-strings’ remedy

17 September 2018By Peter Bolwell

Why should an umarried couple be awarded all of the benefits and protection that comes with being married?


Shortage of trust

17 September 2018

I am currently confronted by what appears to be an intractable problem regarding the creation of a trustee bank account.

Caroline Lucas

Common law marriage myth

3 September 2018By Linda Hunter

Since the early 1970s the number of people getting married has steadily fallen while the number of cohabiting couples has increased. In 2016 there were 3.3m cohabiting couples.


Parole Board independence reaffirmed

3 September 2018By Malcolm Fowler

I have previously identified the unqualified necessity for the independence of action and decision-making of the Parole Board to remain intact in the wake of the furore over the John Worboys case.

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