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SRA London office

SRA fails to brush off ‘confidence breach’ claim

24 May 2017By

Regulator had been sued by Alexis Matiland Hudson over disclosure of documents.


Cobbetts collapse: eight to face tribunal over alleged incompetence

22 May 2017By

SRA announces referrals following investigations after 2013 takeover of Manchester firm.

Legal Ombudsman offices

Disgruntled clients offered live chats with ombudsman

19 May 2017By

’We’re here for them online as well as just a phone call or email away’ says legal watchdog.

Leigh Day tribunal

Leigh Day: Martyn Day 'authorised bribe payments', SRA counsel alleges

15 May 2017By

Tribunal hears of 'work leave payments' made to enable Iraqi policemen to give evidence.

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Risk and compliance community graphic

Risk and compliance conference: ‘Get your millennials involved in media strategies’

3 April 2017By

Millennials for whom the use of technology is almost an unconscious reflex must be in the sights of firms drawing up and revising social media and marketing policies.

Francis dingwall

Risk and compliance conference: Don’t leave ethics to compliance officers, leading risk expert warns

3 April 2017By

Francis Dingwall warned 300 fellow solicitors gathered for this year’s Law Society Risk and Compliance conference not to ‘contract out’ ethical issues to compliance officers acting in isolation.

Christina blacklaws

Risk and compliance conference: Brexit ‘plan B’ vital, Blacklaws tells firms

3 April 2017By

Law firms whose bottom line may be affected by Brexit must have a ‘plan B’ to reassure regulators they are preparing for the fallout.

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Qualifying remarks

8 May 2017By Peter Crisp

SQE will provide a necessary minimum rather than the fully-fledged standard the market demands, candidates will still be expected to show as much talent and experience as before


Systemic unfairness

8 May 2017By Angela Hogan

The SQE may improve access to the profession but it does not address the issue of firms recruiting those who have undertaken internships.

John hyde

Don't sneer at solicitors for not publishing prices

13 April 2017By

The SRA wants to know the price of everything - but the law is not a fruit ‘n’ veg stall down the market.

​SRA should reopen its doors

3 April 2017By Tim O’Sullivan

Regulator’s decision to exclude public and press from meetings removes vital check and balance on the powers of a tax-raising body

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