Practice management

Richard allen

Let's write-off write-offs

14 December 2018By Richard Allen

Firms must understand how to scope and price work efficiently to reduce amount of money written off and maximise profitability.


The lion’s share

26 November 2018By Marialuisa Taddia

With the government backing a drive to make Singapore a cutting-edge legal hub, dozens of foreign firms are vying with each other for a slice of the action. Marialuisa Taddia reports

Green shoots

Green shoots

8 October 2018By Marialuisa Taddia

The number of climate laws and policies worldwide has risen 20‑fold in just two decades. No wonder legal firms are ploughing money into their ‘green law’ teams, reports Marialuisa Taddia

Law Society Small Firms Division annual conference 2018

Street value

1 October 2018By

Small law firms are facing unprecedented pressures, ranging from price transparency and GDPR to unregulated competition. Jonathan Rayner gauges the mood at the Law Society Small Firms Division annual conference

Ed fletcher

Lawyers must fight their instincts in order to become great leaders

25 September 2018By Ed Fletcher

As lawyers, we often find the characteristics of great leadership contrary to our natural inclinations. Lawyers are often hardwired to manage not lead.

SIF logo

SIF: An imminent demise

24 September 2018By Fiona Swann

Special Focus: PII

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Bad news

How to: give a client bad news

11 February 2019By Katharine Freeland

Solicitors are often the bearer of bad news to their clients, but there are ways to deliver this information without damaging your relationship. Katharine Freeland reports.

Royston Part-time cartoon

How to: work part-time

3 December 2018By Marialuisa Taddia

Part-time lawyers have long been seen as lacking commitment to their careers and to their clients. But that hackneyed view is changing, reports Marialuisa Taddia

Ls discipline

How to: Discipline a colleague

22 October 2018By Melanie Newman

Sanctioning a colleague for wrongdoing is fraught with hidden perils, especially if they are a partner. Melanie Newman asks the experts how to handle disciplinary matters

Ls lease

How to: lease an office

3 September 2018By Marialuisa Taddia

Taking new accommodation is the biggest change management opportunity in the life of a law firm. Long-term planning is critical to getting it right.

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