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Pro bono: Never enough

20 November 2017By

Can pro bono legal advice be more than a ‘sticking plaster on a gushing wound’?

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Independents: Starting over

6 November 2017By

Typified as ‘lean, grown-up and sophisticated’, independent law firms are setting up shop at a record rate.

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Civil litigation: a future in dispute

30 October 2017By

As competitor jurisdictions look to exploit Brexit and costs are squeezed further, lawyers at the Gazette’s latest roundtable reflect on the seemingly permanent revolution in civil litigation work.

Conveyancing roundtable

Conveyancing: Home truths

11 September 2017By

Conveyancers are generally upbeat, though pressure on fees, demanding clients and cyber fraud all present urgent challenges. The Gazette’s latest roundtable.

LGBT rountable 1

Roundtable: Out in the open

10 July 2017By

LGBT lawyers believe that the profession has yet to deliver on full equality.

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Roundtable: Professional indemnity insurance

5 June 2017By

Solicitors’ mandatory indemnity insurance has never been more competitive, nor the claims environment more benign. So why are solicitors and brokers still losing sleep over PII? Eduardo Reyes reports from the latest Gazette roundtable discussion.

Small group

Roundtable: small firms

15 May 2017

Life outside Big Law is not for the faint-hearted but for those who can carve out a niche and plan for the future, the prospects are good. Eduardo Reyes reports from the Gazette’s latest roundtable

Richard Nicolle, Stewarts Law

Roundtable: employment

24 April 2017

Employment lawyers are scrambling to advise firms spooked by the prospect of Brexit. Eduardo Reyes reports from the Gazette’s latest roundtable


Roundtable: litigation funding

13 March 2017

Litigation funding is increasingly lauded as a model for modern litigation. But its role in boosting ‘access to justice’ is less clear cut, the Gazette’s latest roundtable heard.

Cybersecurity roundtable

Roundtable: cybersecurity

13 February 2017By Joanna Goodman

As fears of cybercrime and data theft proliferate, how can law firms protect themselves against the scammers?


Roundtable: Brexit

5 December 2016By

The latest Gazette roundtable considered varying scenarios for the profession attendant upon leaving the EU.

Andrew morris and stephen meacham

Roundtable: solicitor-advocates

14 November 2016By

The legal system remains loaded against solicitor-advocates, so what needs to change to level the playing field with the bar?


Roundtable: mediation

3 October 2016By

Mediation could – and should – be used to resolve many more disputes than it does. What’s holding it back?

Legaltech rt

Roundtable: legal IT

1 August 2016By Joanna Goodman

Law firms are investing in cutting-edge technology, spurred by cloud computing and the rapid proliferation of tech start-ups.


Roundtable: diversity

11 July 2016

Black, Asian and minority ethnic lawyers continue to experience unequitable outcomes across the legal profession. The Gazette’s latest roundtable heard that concerted action to tackle this is long overdue.

Sarah Dwight and Richard Atkins

Roundtable: residential conveyancing

27 June 2016By

Increased complexity, law reform, demanding clients and market volatility are all front of mind for residential conveyancing solicitors.


Roundtable: PII

13 June 2016

Abolishing the single renewal date helped soften the market for PII, the Gazette’s latest roundtable heard. But a casual approach to risk appraisal and due diligence suggests law firms are storing up trouble.

Insurance roundtable1

Roundtable: Insurance Act 2015

23 May 2016By

A fundamental change in insurance legislation will give policyholders more power and place risk under renewed scrutiny.

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