In ‘Charting a new course’, the writer mentions the University of Law’s (UoL) LPC fees before stating: ‘It is worth checking other providers authorised by the SRA for cheaper options, although fees may reflect career support services that can vary considerably.’

There are dozens of other LPC providers, many of which offer the course at a fraction of the cost charged by the UoL. All have to offer first-rate career support services, often via extensive university careers services, in order to attract students.

I am curious to know what evidence the writer has for the outrageous, inaccurate and insulting claim that providers offering less-expensive LPCs than UoL may be providing variable standards of career support services. The writer then goes on to mention scholarships, but decides to use UoL as an example again, rather than bothering to mention the scholarships offered by other providers.

There is more than one provider of the LPC. All were validated to offer the LPC by the SRA after it took into account such factors as their careers and employability provision.

Course director (name and address supplied), non-University of Law LPC provider