Registered Charity No: 313719 (England & Wales).

Let’s drive the future of engineering forward

Engineers are vital in many aspects of our lives today. With urgent global engineering challenges to be solved, especially in light of the COVID-19 crisis, The Smallpeice Trust’s Arkwright Engineering Scholarships programme believes that more outstanding young people should be encouraged to become tomorrow’s leaders of the engineering profession.

Since 1991 Arkwright Engineering Scholarships have been awarded to young people with a talent in engineering and related areas of design as they start their A-levels or Scottish Highers. Offering mentoring, funding, and networking opportunities, we help hardworking students to pursue their dreams and change the world through engineering.

“I count myself fortunate to have become an engineer. Sponsoring a scholar is a way of sharing that good fortune with a new generation of engineers.”
Dr G Avison, Personal Donor

“The Arkwright Engineering Scholarship helped me achieve my dream of being an Engineer. Transforming me from a homesick young girl, who lacked self-confidence, to the competent Engineer I am today.”
Yin Ki (KiKi) Fong, Arkwright Alumna

“Arkwright delivers access to the highest-quality students that we need to attract as an organisation. We are proud to say that many Arkwright alumni are now working for us in key roles of Rolls-Royce”
Rani Chahal, Education Outreach Manager, Rolls Royce

Engineers are a vital part of our country’s workforce – a donation or legacy to support the Arkwright Engineering Scholarships programme is an investment in all our futures and a young engineer’s career that will last them a lifetime.