Registered Charity No: 1070994 (England & Wales).

Musical talent is everywhere but opportunity isn’t: family finances and other obstacles too often get in the way. Awards for Young Musicians are here to change this. We directly support hundreds of young musicians from low income families each year, with funding and other help. We also support music education: through training, advocacy and research. This combination creates real impact.

Whatever the genre, whatever the style, our strategically targeted programmes help young musicians from across the UK to grow, flourish and fulfil their musical potential. But we’re reaching only a fraction of the young musicians who need our help. After you have looked after your friends, family and those closest to you, a gift to AYM in your Will could do amazing things. Every £1 will help us to continue giving talent a chance.

“AYM’s practical support and their belief in me throughout my teenage years was invaluable and I would have struggled to get to where I am without it. Music has the power to transform lives and AYM recognise that”. Jess Gillam (AYM Alumna and Patron)