Registered Charity No: 1134579 (England & Wales). 

Liver disease is the only major cause of mortality which is on the increase in the UK and last year it killed more people than diabetes and road deaths combined. 1 in 10 of us will suffer from some form of liver disease and the rates are rising. The most well known cause of liver disease is excess alcohol but obesity is just as significant - and an increasing - cause. Worldwide the number of hepatitis B related deaths increased by 33% between 1990 and 2013 and the rate of infection and the liver disease it causes, is rising in the UK.

The Foundation for Liver Research funds innovative research programmes to address the challenges of liver disease, at the Institute of Hepatology, London. Please consider a legacy to the Foundation for Liver Research in your Will. This will support research into the causes and treatment of liver disease and may help someone you know have a better chance of surviving this horrible illness.

A legacy in your Will would help to ensure the long-term research work of the Foundation.