Registered Charity No: 1176266 (England & Wales).

In the UK 2.88 million scientific procedures were carried out on animals in 2020. Our ultimate aim is to remove the need for laboratory animal use in any scientific procedures for the benefit of human health. Animals are still heavily used to investigate human disease and predict human responses to chemicals and drugs. Whilst a total end to animal use is not immediately possible, we believe the current scale of animal experimentation is unacceptable and unnecessary.

Modern scientific methods that use human tissue, computer modelling and other new and innovative techniques, can provide data that are more directly relevant to human conditions and disease. Despite a legal requirement to use methods that don’t involve animals where they are available their development and uptake remains slow. We want to change this.

Every gift helps FRAME fund research, educate students, train scientists, develop and promote non-animal methods, and campaign for legislation change in line with scientific progress. A gift in your will to FRAME will be used to develop and share knowledge that will improve human health research and reduce animal suffering.