Registered Charity No: 313952 (England & Wales).

The Churchill Fellowship is a national network of 3,800 dynamic individuals from all parts of society who are inspiring change in every area of UK life.

They may be a nurse promoting mental health in the NHS, a scientist monitoring pollution in the oceans, or a community leader training young entrepreneurs, but they are all united by a common mission: to develop new solutions for today’s key challenges, based on learning from the world.

The Fellowship is open to any UK adult citizen, regardless of their age, qualifications or background. They just need a passion for their chosen cause and a determination to make a difference in their field. We will fund them to visit the best projects in the world and meet the leading experts in their field. When they come home, we help them to put their findings into practice and improve their communities and professions across the UK. This is a life-changing chance for ordinary people to lead their own vision for change.

Created as a national memorial for Sir Winston Churchill on his death in 1965, we’ve been doing this for 58 years, for over 5,800 people so far. A gift in your will can ensure that future generations continue to benefit from this unique opportunity.

If you would like to discuss ways in which your gift could make a difference, please contact us or visit to learn more about the Churchill Fellowships.

The Churchill Fellowship is the operating name of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust.