Address: School of Biological Sciences, University of East Anglia, Norwich Research Park, Norwich, NR4 7TJ

Phone: 01603 592183



ASAB exists to further the understanding of animal behaviour at all educational levels, and to promote research that improves animal welfare and conservation.

Through donations, subscriptions, and journal income, we fund education in schools and research in universities, with a particular focus on career development of younger people in animal behaviour, such as through training bursaries or small research grants. We produce a leading animal behaviour scientific journal, and organise three dynamic meetings each year to disseminate cutting edge progress in research and education to the scientific community, and beyond. We fund attendance of our younger members at these conferences, with one meeting each year dedicated specifically to early career researchers. We also promote the teaching of animal behaviour in schools from our own educational material, to engender an appreciation for both the natural world and animal welfare.

Throughout our work we insist on adherence to strict ethical guidelines, aimed to minimise disturbance to animals and to protect vulnerable species or populations; other associations are following our lead. The research and education we support has public appeal, and our members are frequently involved in popular TV and radio programmes, and our patron is Sir David Attenborough. ASAB’s promotion of a deeper understanding of animal behaviour has improved animal welfare and fortified appreciation of an increasingly fragile natural world. We would be grateful for any support in the form of donations, covenants or legacies to help us maintain and enhance our activities.