In what way do you consider the High Court Brexit judgment to be ‘highly controversial’ (Gazette roundtable: Brexit)?

As the Gazette is a legal magazine, the inference must be that you are saying it was legally controversial.

I was not aware that there was a substantial body of legal opinion which disagreed with the decision.

Before the hearing, I had a chance to read the government’s case and I was quite impressed by it. I then read the claimants’ case and was even more impressed. So, personally, I was not surprised by the decision, and nor did I hear it was legally controversial.

I am not a constitutional lawyer. We did not do much constitutional law in my practice in Hackney.

However, it seems to me that the weight of informed legal opinion is that the government will lose again, although some people seem to think that there will be a split decision. A couple of weeks ago the Telegraph suggested that the result would be 7/4 against the government and they were quickly joined by the Express and the Mail.

David Hutchins (solicitor), Hackney, London