At the risk of incurring the wrath of that formidably ireful body of ‘remainer’ lawyers, I confess some difficulty in understanding why so many seem so apocalyptically pessimistic about the vote to leave the EU.

I understand anxieties about unsettling prospective change from a now well-established status quo. But on the other hand, the decision to leave opens up a wealth of exciting new opportunities, freed from the sclerotic and ever more intrusive micro-management of unelected and inflexible bureaucrats in an increasingly dysfunctional foreign power manqué.

Confidence is the key to future success and the strident death-wish of the enduringly well-fed Project Fear can only achieve an unhappy self-fulfilling prophecy.

Personally, I find exhilarating the prospect of all the nation’s laws once again being made by those whom we elect (and are therefore empowered to reject) and a Supreme Court once again supreme.

Nicholas Dobson, Doncaster