I had intended to write sooner in response to Guy Platt-Higgins’ letter on the topic of the ‘compensation culture’ and who is to blame. But I could not find the time, as I kept receiving calls from people who, with the best will in the world, have suffered no legal wrong.

I have just ended one such call. Each time I ask the person for an event – an act or omission to hang a legal case on – I am met with ‘well, I suppose’ (indicating nothing happened which would withstand any scrutiny).

From my part of the legal world (employment law), I am sorry to say that there are a large number of over-motivated complainers out there. The best legal advice I can think of during these calls relates to mitigation – get another job!

Someone or something is encouraging the ‘blame and complain’ culture, otherwise I would not get so many of these calls.

Gordon Turner, Gordon Turner Employment Lawyers, London EC2