Regarding the Conveyancing Association’s ‘manifesto’ for reform. I am in agreement with the proposal to require completion funds to be transferred the day before the completion date. But rather than reprint preprinted forms, I do not see why this cannot be done on a held-to-order basis and just be part of common good practice.

I also agree that leasehold reform is required, including an effective ‘policeman’ to whom to complain. That subject has recently been discussed in Gazette letters.

I would also recommend that estate agents distribute chain sheets with email addresses of each individual involved and then use group emails to keep everyone informed at once. That would replace the usual repetition of information we have to give over and over to agents, clients, other solicitors and even brokers. This is a simple, cheap solution everyone can use instead of buying expensive case management software.

Solicitors should also raise far fewer enquiries, as these are very time-consuming to answer and often of little interest to the client. As a guideline, stick to the title. We have enough to do without creating more unnecessary work.

The hardest challenge to overcome is the shortage of well-trained practitioners as a result of the 2008 crash and the lack of investment in training since then. We all know it takes only one weak link to slow the process.

As a footnote, can we please stop using words such as ‘blue-sky thinking’ and ‘monies’. And I do not want to ‘chase’ people anymore – it is rude and is usually only going to slow someone up even further. Clients need to be made aware at the outset that they do not move when they want to, but should compromise with everyone else involved. It is basic manners.

Sean Crean, Creans Solicitors, Felixstowe