I noted Guy Hurst’s comments on accepting draft documents by email with interest. We are a CQS firm which does not accept contract packs via email. The compelling reason has little to do with cost, but more with the seeming reduction in attention to detail within the conveyancing sector as a whole.

I cannot count the number of electronic contract packs that have contained black-and-white plans, missing pages or, worse, missing documents. While the chance of errors on a freehold property is lower, the probability in leasehold packs is high.

Electronic packs would work if the producers were consistent in preparation, but they are not. You only have to look at letters that routinely omit references, client names and contain other basic typing errors to see the lack of attention to detail. For reasons I cannot deduce, the same errors do not occur in hard-copy contract packs.

It would be better if the CQS dictated that vendor firms must check with the buyers how they wish documentation to be prepared before sending. This would likely improve efficiency.

Rick Barrow, marketing director, Jackson Barrett & Gass, Wilmslow, Cheshire