Susie Labinjoh’s article was very interesting and all too alarmingly correct about the extent to which England is increasingly subject to abusive ‘police state’ tactics.  

It did however seem, with respect, that she had a bit of a blind spot, in that she appeared only to be interested in the rights of leftist demonstrators. Of course, exactly the same tactics are being used routinely against any demonstrators that the British authorities do not like.

Anybody who has not noticed the police abusing their powers in dealing with the English Defence League should reflect on the old adage ‘there’s none so blind as those who will not see’.

Consider also the role of the police in suppressing any opposition to the child rape ‘grooming gangs’ across so many English towns and cities, but highlighted in the context of Rotherham in Professor Jay’s report.

Professional solicitors should be ready to act for anyone whose rights have been abused.

Robin Tilbrook, solicitor, chairman of the English Democrats, Ongar