Apparently, it can ‘potentially cut the amount of time it takes to complete a non-contested divorce by a third, from a potential 6-9 months to 4-6 months’. Having tried out its offering, it does not involve wholesale completion of any online petition, nor electronic submission to the court. Rather, I had to answer a few basic questions for someone to get back to me during office hours. They did – but not until the following week.

Whether it be a solicitors’ firm or online supermarket, we are all currently dependent on divorce centres, the alacrity of the parties and often resolution of financial issues as to how long a divorce might conclude – at least until the Courts Service online divorce pilot is rolled out across England and Wales.

The public deserves accurate information not marketing puff.

Tony Roe, Principal, solicitor and family law arbitrator, Tony Roe Solicitors, Theale, Reading