While Christopher Digby-Bell is right to draw attention to the appallingly low percentage of female equity partners in the better-paid firms, he is wrong to put the blame on women. Men have been doing that since they started peddling the myth that Eve was responsible for Adam’s fall from grace in the Garden of Eden.

Let men take the plank from their own eye before they start casting aspersions on women. A woman’s place is not in the wrong.

There are plenty of female role models. Apart from the 20% of female equity partners, there are also many female heads of legal working in-house. Many women tell me that by founding my own firm I am also a role model to them. Women do not ‘pull up ladders behind them’.

They encourage other women to pursue successful and lucrative careers in law. Also, Digby-Bell refers to women ‘returning to work’ as if we all take five years off. Many of us take a few weeks or months off work only when we have babies and enjoy a good balanced life. Plenty of men and women choose not to or cannot have children.

Women love law and are doing well. I hope to practise for another 30 years. Plenty of us have founded our own law firms. We would like more of the higher-paid equity partnerships. The new right to shared leave after a baby is born will also help couples ensure there is less sexism at home and more fairness and equality within relationships. The female role models are all around, loving law and having fun.

We are certainly not disappearing from any arena. We are here to stay. I am delighted that both my daughters are solicitors.

Susan Singleton, principal, Singletons Solicitors, Pinner