Ninety-six fans died at Hillsborough. As your article records, 20 families were represented by Broudie Jackson Canter, 74 by an amalgamation of Birnberg Peirce & Co, Harrison Bundey and Bindmans.

The two remaining victims were represented separately by my firm, EAD Solicitors (led by Hillsborough stalwart and EAD partner Terence Wilcox), and Butcher & Barlow of Greater Manchester. That gives 96.

As for Elkan Abrahamson’s comment that the verdict was unexpected this is, of course, a personal observation. In March 2015, a whole year before the verdict, the Hillsborough police match commander David Duckenfield expressly conceded to Paul Greaney QC (for rank-and-file police officers) that his failure to close the tunnel entrance was the direct cause of the deaths of the 96 victims.

The unlawful killing verdict is a logical extension to this concession; it is not a surprise to this observer and many others. The jury successfully connected the dots.

Thom Vaughan, partner, head of commercial litigation, EAD Solicitors, Liverpool