Christmas may be over but the turkeys are alive and gobbling.

The chief executive of the Law Society is resigning because members of the ruling council continue to prevaricate and delay over reforming and modernising the way the Society is governed. It seems that no problem is so big or complicated that it can’t be run away from.

Let us be honest. It is true that progress towards reform has been frustrated by council members dragging their feet. Many seem driven by the fear of losing their jobs/influence in favour of a smaller, leaner, more agile and efficient decision-making body. So, it is a case of the turkeys not being ready to vote for Christmas.

The solution? Strong leadership. But with the president holding no real power under the present constitution, we are stymied.

Only a bunch of lawyers could get themselves into this kind of a mess at a time when the profession is under attack like never before.

Christopher Digby-Bell, Law Society Council member, London W1