I find it ironic that, at a time when I am being encouraged to complete a Diversity Survey, the cybersecurity training provided by the Law Society on its website features Janet and James.

Janet inadvertently breaches client confidentiality after having her head turned by a good-looking (but ill-intentioned) stranger who offers her his seat in a coffee shop.

James is a  mountain biker with very straight white teeth who downloads malware into his firm’s IT system from a bogus mountain biking site.

Have we really not reached a point yet where, instead of perpetuating tedious stereotypes, our professional body has the hapless Janet downloading rogue rock-climbing magazine subscriptions or James ‘coming over all unnecessary’ after a very attractive man offers him his seat on the train?

This is aside from the stark lack of representation in the programme of professionals from other ethnic groups. I would reflect further upon this issue were I not in a rush to get to the coffee shop, in the hope that I might catch the eye of some devastatingly handsome fellow caffeine-lover.

Caroline Yorke, Llanfyllin, Powys