Your article on sexual harassment gave me much comfort, but it is heartbreaking to read that such behaviour is so common in 2018

I just wanted to say thank you for your ‘Sexual harassment: You too?’ article (27 November, 2017).

It may be Saturday night but I am having to research sexual harassment (definitions, examples, cases and so on) as I am due a formal meeting in which I have to discuss the complaint I have made about a senior partner at my firm. I say ‘thank you’ because you have cited and shared so many other stories similar to my own that I no longer feel as though I am the only one going through this – or that, sadly, my experience is a unique one.

I am a PA/secretary so it would appear I carry even less ‘weight’ in my scenario despite witnessed behaviour and proof. But it was bittersweet to read that even ‘good’ firms (mine being, publicly, a highly moralistic one) close ranks when you speak up against a partner.

They cannot fire me as I waited until I was past my two-year service record to speak up, but the hoops they are making me jump through and the pain/stress they are causing are almost as bad as my initial assault.

So, again, thank you for allowing me to know that I am not alone (despite feeling so). It is heartbreaking to read that there are still so many of us with similar stories to share in 2018.

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